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  • “Good course structure and lots of handy material to help study for the exam. Very glad I took this course.”
  • “Everyone was willing to help immediately with any questions.”
  • “Excellent content and study materials, amazing interaction within the group during the course. We learned from each other’s experience. The instructor made sure everyone participated to get the most out of the course.”

Position your team for success in global projects

Significantly increase your value to prospective clients. Add real value to your organisation and gain additional credibility when tendering for high value projects.

Recognised Project Management Credentials

In excess of a million PMP® credential holders worldwide have recognised evidence of skills, knowledge and experience of project management tools and techniques for successful completion of projects across financial, commercial and industrial sectors.

Personalised supports for a year to help pass the 1st time

Very high success rate using personalised process to support the participants, through learning to applying for and passing the PMP® exam.

Invest in your team’s success and achieve lasting results with our comprehensive our PMP® Corporate Training:

  • Develop and empower your entire project management team: We offer comprehensive PMP® training programs, with personal support for participants from beginning to end:
    • From workshops tailored to your team’s specific needs and availability, through exam application, private study and sitting the PMP® exam.
  • Boost project success rates: Proven learning format with live sessions, personalized support, and access to expert instructors for a full year.
  • Increase team efficiency and morale: Flexible learning options cater to diverse learning styles and busy schedules, minimizing disruption.

Benefits for you:

  • Valuable sliding scale of discounts for Group Bookings of 8 or more participants.
  • Reduced administrative burden: Single invoice pre-payment for group bookings to simplify your paperwork.
  • On-line delivery: (p.o.a. for on-site delivery), which eliminates the impact of all travel costs and dead time.
  • Customizable simplified scheduling: Choose the time, day, week and time zone that suits most of your team for the workshop:
    • Individual participants can select any available publicly scheduled workshop instead of the group workshop (subject to availability), which simplifies scheduling for large numbers of participants.
    • Unavoidable moderate absences can be compensated by private study or visiting the appropriate modules on another scheduled workshop, again simplifying scheduling.
  • Workshop spoken language options: English, German, French or Irish (everything else in English).

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Group training tailored to your organisation

Our proven learning format guides you and your team through exam preparation. Live conferences are followed by structured personal supports while you are studying for the exam. Typically this takes about 8 weeks although support remains available to you for a full year.

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Program Overview

The PMP® credential is the most trusted and accepted project management certification throughout the world. Since the update of Jan 2021, it is based on a combination of Agile (50%) and Predictive (50%) project approaches.

In this program, after doing a couple of hours of preparation, you start with a 5-day (or equivalent) instructor-led live workshop to introduce you to everything you need to know for the PMP® exam.

You then have full access to our Learning Management System and Live Help from our trainers for both project management and exam application issues while you prepare for the exam.

You also get access to our Exam Simulator to help you improve your exam technique and check when you are ready, typically 2 to 8 weeks after the live workshop.

Your all-inclusive price includes the PMI exam fee and even the cost of repeating if needed (but actually this hardly ever happens…)


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Learning Outcomes

This program ensures that you meet the 35-hour training requirement for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam, according to the current Examination Content Outline, covering the Tasks and Enablers corresponding to people, process and business environment.

Together with appropriate private study of the material supplied, you will:

  • Be ready to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP®) examination the first time
  • Recognise both the content and format of examination questions.
  • Identify weak areas that require more in individual study.


Course Content:

Effective, practical training
    Foundation Learning Objectives:

  • Define ‘project’ and how it relates to the larger discussion of project management.
  • Discuss the different types of organizational structures and how they relate to your
    project’s management.
  • Discuss the principles of project management.
  • Discuss the principles of agile and how they relate to your project’s management.

  • Strategic alignment Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss strategic alignment and its elements.
  • Determine how projects align with business strategy.
  • Explain the impact of business factors on strategic alignment.

  • Project benefits and value Learning Objective:

  • Identify types of business value.

  • Organizational Culture and Change Management Learning Objective:

  • Describe change management theory and its relation to organizational change.

  • Project Governance Learning Objective:

  • Define and discuss project governance.

  • Project Compliance Learning Objective:

  • Explain project compliance and its importance.
    Identify and Engage Stakeholders Learning Objective:

  • Define and discuss stakeholders and the most effective ways to communicate with them.

  • Form the Team Learning Objective:

  • Explain the best ways to form a team.

  • Build Shared Understanding Learning Objective:

  • Describe how to build the most effective understanding of a project and how doing so
    relates to executing a project successfully.

  • Determine Project Approach Learning Objective:

  • Explain how predictive and adaptive project life cycles work; explain what a hybrid
    development approach is.
  • Decide which kind of development approach or life cycle is best suited for work.
    Planning Projects Learning Objective:

  • Explain the importance of a project management plan.

  • Scope Learning Objective:

  • Provide an overview of scope planning in both predictive and adaptive projects.

  • Schedule Learning Objective:

  • Provide an overview of schedule planning in both predictive and adaptive projects.

  • Resources Learning Objective:

  • Discuss resource planning for a project, including human and physical resources and the
    role of procurement.

  • Budget Learning Objective:

  • Determine the budgeting structure/method for a project.
  • Explain the importance of tailoring a budget.

  • Risks Learning Objectives:

  • Identify strategies for dealing with risks and risk planning.
  • Assemble a toolkit of possible responses to risks.

  • Quality Learning Objectives:

  • Define quality and how it relates to the outcomes and deliveries for a project.
    Integrated Plans
  • Discuss the importance of integrating project management plans and tailoring a change
    management process.
    Craft Your Leadership Skills Learning Objective:

  • Discuss the guidelines for developing leadership competencies and skills.

  • Create a Collaborative Project Team Environment Learning Objective:

  • Address leadership styles, and the components of leading a successful team, either in
    person or virtually.

  • Empower the Team Learning Objective:

  • Identify the characteristics and core functions of empowered teams.

  • Support Team Member Performance Learning Objective:

  • Describe artifacts and the strategies for their use.

  • Communicate and Collaborate with Stakeholders Learning Objective:

  • Explain strategies and forms of communication for collaborating in a project team

  • Train Team Members and Stakeholders Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the value of training, coaching and mentoring for a team.

  • Manage Conflict Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the importance of conflict management.
  • Discuss the causes and levels of conflict and their outcomes.
    Implement Ongoing Improvements:

  • Explain the various methods for implementing improvement.

  • Support Performance Learning Objective:

  • Explain the various methods for performance measurement.

  • Evaluate Project Progress Learning Objective:

  • Compare these methods with a focus on communication and accountability.

  • Manage Issues and Impediments Learning Objective:

  • Identify the methods for implementing a project and the issues and impediments that
    arise during a project.

  • Manage Changes Learning Objective:

  • Describe the methods for implementing changes during a project.
    Closing Learning Objectives:

  • Define the reasons and activities related to the closure of a phase or a project.
  • Explain the benefits gained from a project or phase, and how they are managed,
    sustained, etc.

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Delivered by Experts

Premier Authorised training partner


This course is delivered by our partners PM-ProLearn who are a Premier ATP (Authorised Training Partner) of the PMI®. This means that you benefit from the following features authorised or designed by PMI:

  • PMI®-developed course content.
  • Instructors who are certified by PMI® and have Agile project experience.
  • Over 2700 participant surveys on the PMI® Authorized Training Partner Directory.
  • You get your course completion certificate and 35 PDUs/ contact hours required by PMI®.

Global Client Success

We work right across the spectrum, from SMEs to large multinationals. Here is a selection of the dozens of companies and organisations which we have supported.

Client Testimonials

Deborah Franzi

Sales Manager at STS SA

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Deasún in the frame of project management trainings for several multinationals. He is a very experienced and respected trainer who is able to captivate his audience through his expertise, global experience, capacity to relate and adapt to a specific group, ability to convey the right messages and his great personality. Deasún distinguishes himself through a highly structured pedagogical approach and relentless strive for the success of his students. I particular enjoy working with Deasún as he is very professional, reactive, dynamic, and deeply cares for the successful outcome of each project. “

Dr Tatiana Kurashkina,

Transformation Coach at Holcim Technology Ltd

“Deasun worked with us on many in-house development and certification programs for project managers. Deasun is an engaging trainer with a deep understanding of global practices, modern approaches to project work and also how LH works and what internal processes are in place. We have only had highest satisfaction rates for the courses which were done with Deasun as a collaborator and trainer.”