Business Terms & Conditions


The services are supplied by:
Scatterwork GmbH
Sonnenfeldstrasse 2
8593 Kesswil

Unless modifications to the business conditions are explicitly agreed, the business conditions given here apply in full.

Confirming an Order

Please contact us first to discuss your needs.

  • Orders are accepted on a “first come – first served” basis.
  • Tentative dates are shared with clients and are not binding unless specifically communicated as such.
  • For online courses, orders are confirmed by receipt of a 100% prepayment by our bank.
  • For other assignments, an order is confirmed when the Purchase Order and 30% Prepayment has been received and acknowledged.

Offer Validity

Offers are valid for a period of 30 days from the day of issue.

Making Payments

Payment is usually made via our IBAN number, which will be made available as appropriate. Payment may also be requested via PayPal, which accepts American Express and all major Credit Cards.


  • Remote Consultancy and Off-Site assignments are charged in 30 minute increments, with a minimum pre-booking increment of one hour.
  • Telecommunications costs are the responsibility of the client. This allows you to choose the most cost effective method.

On-Site Assignments

As well as Remote Events, On-Site Assignments are accepted globally according to availability and logistics. Charging is the same as for remote events plus:

  • CHF 60/ hour travel time from Romanshorn, Switzerland.
  • 100% of travel and subsistence at cost, payable in advance (except within Switzerland, where they are invoiced).


Scatterwork® maintains a 20 business day cancellation policy (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Swiss public holidays) for scheduled events and consultancy appointments.

  • If a scheduled event is cancelled or rescheduled before this deadline a 20% administration fee is charged.
  • Notice more than 10 business days is charged at 50%, otherwise the full fee is payable.