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“Project Coaching as a Service – PCaS”

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Reduced Risk

“Minimum Business Increments” at every step

Tangible Deliverables

“Our step-by-step pathway minimizes implementation challenges” at every step

Improved Efficiency

“Cut delays and costs with proven methods” at every step

Clear Communication

“Confidently communicate progress to C-Suite and stakeholders

Benefit from Superior Expert Guidance

From a global project leader with experience in over 40 countries

Expert Support

Get personalized guidance from project management specialists


Designed for success, regardless of team location

On-Line Interaction

Accessible from anywhere by global teams

Rapid Engagement

Can be scheduled at short notice

Progress at your own speed

Schedule the strategy meetings to suit your availability

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Choose Your Coaching Pathway

Project Coaching + Do-it-yourself (DIY)

Keep everything under your own control

  • Up to 2 hours monthly of live, private hands-on coaching and support with a project expert during 2 strategy calls
  • Best of class templates from global library for customisation for your project
  • Support material for your structured learning pathway
  • 2 x 1hr personal strategy meetings / month to crystalise your plans for the effective implementation of your assignment
  • Customisation and application of templates to support your assignment based on best-in-class global library
  • Share your project management with an expert to uncover improvements which you can implement yourself
  • Interventions are paced by you
  • Discrete support – you retain control

Project Coaching + Done-with-You (DWY)

Accelerate implementation to increase your impact


Everything in the DIY program plus:

  • 1 day / month of the Project Expert’s time dedicated to your assignment, working individually inside or outside your organisation
  • You can leverage from the Project Expert to accompany you to your own internal high-impact meetings
  • The personal strategy meetings can be scheduled as 4 x 1/2 hour to match your availability
  • By also engaging the project expert on your behalf, your assignment can progress and delegation is faster than if you did everything yourself
  • This means that the impact of the coaching is greater and faster
  • Share your project management with an expert to uncover improvements which you can implement yourself

Project Coaching + Done-for-You (D4Y)

Free up your time for strategic decision-making


Everything in the DWY program plus:

  • 2 days / month of the Project Expert’s time (up from 1 day / month for the DWY model) dedicated to implementing your plans, as evolved at the strategy meetings
  • The Project Expert can also be used for preparing and delivering Group Coaching within the same proejct, which increases further the impact of the service
  • The personal strategy meetings can be scheduled as 8 x 1/4 hour to match your availability
  • Even faster implementation and delegation than DIY and DWY paths
  • Group Coaching accelerates sharing of project information
  • Shorter calls with the Project Expert are possible, making it easier to fit into your busy personal schedule

Scatterwork’s proven Step-by-Step Pathway

Amplify Your Impact & Deliver Success with Global Project Coaching

Achieve priority initiatives faster:

Our proven approach helps you overcome challenges and execute strategic plans efficiently.

Reduce costs and risks:

We identify immediate improvement opportunities to optimize delivery times, costs, and risk management.

Maximize value:

Our virtual-first approach, with on-site support as needed, ensures a rapid start and cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Boost project maturity:

Elevate your team’s capabilities through PMP® Prep programs, interactive workshops and collaborative coaching.

Global expertise at your fingertips:

Leverage our experience in over 40 countries to navigate complex challenges with confidence.

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Frederic Boner

“The very pragmatic Project Management Toolbox which was deployed to our Commercial Teams has been a game changer.

It enabled our teams to take a different perspective and find ways to accelerate our customer projects.

Clear improvement for our customers, but also for our teams who got energized by the modules.”

Frederic Boned, Vice President – Human Nutrition & Health, North America at DSM

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