Project Consultancy which empowers you!

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We empower Managers & Business Owners anywhere to reduce their project delivery times, costs and risks by leveraging our project experience from over 40 countries.

Energise your project at a public Bootcamp

Event Title
Registration & Info
16 - 17 Dec 2019: Brexit Escape Room, Belfast (English)
17 - 18 Dec 2019: Brexit Escape Room, Gatwick (English)
17 - 19 Dec 2019: Deep Dive Project Bootcamp, Dubai (English)
19 - 20 Dec 2019: Brexit Escape Room, Gatwick (English)

Other Delivery Options

All services are available worldwide. Review alternative Delivery Modes and their relative advantages.

Business Drivers

  • Expansion: profits, market share, sales, turnover, capabilities, product innovations etc
  • Cost Reduction: leading to increased profits or, in harder times, greater safety margins
  • Requirements: compliance with legal, market, safety etc standards.
  • etc.

Typical clients include:

  • Senior & Middle Managers responsible for delivering mission-critical projects through their own staff, non-direct reports and other participants, e.g. authorities and other participants who can only be accessed virtually.
  • Business Owners who need to accelerate projects, reduce time to market and reduce the risks & cost overruns through contributors who are not necessarily project experts.

The Scatterwork Commitment

Great processes driven by engaged staff to deliver on your business challenge.

Scatterwork itself uses the methods it recommends: the team is agile, virtual and global, while based in a multilingual and multicultural country, Switzerland.

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