Zoltan Lorantffy recommends Scatterwork

Boltić: Hello Zoltan. I am very happy that we’re doing this interview and I would like to ask you if you would like to share some of your experience which you had previously with Scatterwork – mainly when was it, where was it and what was the particular project that you were working on at the time?

Lorantffy: Sure, so this would have been in Budapest Hungary back in 2007-2008 and the assignment was centered around training and solutions and so Deasún was also a facilitator and at the time I was the general manager at IIL for Budapest Hungary and he came in and was training our clients on
project management using Scatterwork.

Boltić: And talking about the approach, is there something specific that you would like to share as beneficial considering the way it was delivered by Scatterwork?

Lorantffy: Yeah, we found that based on all of our client feedback, and there were certain things that we had there, the entire experience from beginning to end was very well ranked and that included the contents, it included delivery, it included the facilitator of course, Deasún was very integral in leading us from beginning to end.

The process, the logic behind it and of course you know how applicable are those learnings in the business world and so we found that the entire experience from beginning to end was ranked very high.

Boltić: Thank you so much for this, it is great.

Lorantffy: My pleasure, thank you.

Guest: Zoltan Lorantffy, Chief Marketing Officer, TalentWorldGroup Plc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Interviewed by: Dr Zorana Boltić, Aim Professional, Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Consultant and Trainer on behalf of Scatterwork GmbH