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Are you responsible for getting results through a Virtual Team?

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The unifying thread to success is enhancing the skills of the team as a whole, e.g. by using Scatterwork Virtual Project Management Workshops. Even at short notice, these can deliver most of the benefits of face to face meetings, while you avoid all the travel-related hassle and costs.

The immediate work benefits on the work of the participants can be improved further by individual on-the-job coaching, on-line or on-site, depending on your preferences and logistics.  Participants usually identify significant improvements during the workshops which they can apply to their current assignments.

By arranging Virtual Project Management Workshops for your team, you send a powerful message that effective project management is important and that it is better achieved by teams than by individuals.

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Identify solutions during results-oriented Virtual Workshops

In addition to basic Unleash your Virtual Team and Master your Virtual Project, Virtual Project Management Workshops are available to achieve your actual business deliverables. This frees you up to concentrate on the content, while Scatterwork supports the implementation of the event.  This means that your events deliver better business results.

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What are the Benefits?

Features Benefits
Participants focus on current during the virtual workshops Real progress and solutions to actual challenges with immediate application are identified
Learning is more direct that merely learning during a workshop, never to be implemented afterwards
Virtual Workshop Environment Avoids the huge cost and time of travel
Emulates the personal contact of traditional live workshops
Can be set up at short notice
Participants do no require visas and travel permits, which would delay your event
Workshop Leader has four decades of experience in over thirty countries Very significant global experience ensures relevance
Workshop Leader is highly qualified These reflect a high level of professional competence and achievement, which is also made available to participants
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