Mario Gil highlights the importance of identifying Stakeholders

Zorana: Hello Mario. Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. The first thing I would like to ask you is:

  • what would be the main tangible benefit that you could share with us about the bootcamp with Scatterwork?

Mario: Stakeholders: how to deal with different stakeholders and how to manage them to have success in the project.

Zorana: Great. And when you started the Bootcamp:

  • what was your main motivation?
  • what were the issues you were looking to resolve?
  • what was the project that you were working on at the time?

Mario: I was working on a project in the Ivory Coast in the cement industry and the main motivation was again to deal with different stakeholders.

There were a lot of stakeholders involved in the project: local authorities, rail companies, harbour companies and also subcontractors so it was mainly a question of how to deal with them, how to manage them and to identify how important they are for the project.

Zorana: And how big was that project in terms of cost and complexity?

Mario: It was around 20 million euro. There were different companies involved but among the most difficult thing was to deal with all the external stakeholders: the local authorities, rail, clients, all of them and identify that not all of them are equally important.

Zorana: And just for the for the end, one last take-away from the bootcamp, something that you could apply on future projects and like in your business?

Mario: I am in a very similar project now and I’m already implementing the things I learned in the bootcamp with Scatterwork.

Again the issue for me at the beginning is that it is important to identify the stakeholders. That is a critical issue for the project and now I have identified after the bootcamp with Scatterwork that this is key thing to have a success in a project.

Zorana: Thank you so much, Mario.

Mario: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: Dr. Zorana Boltić PMP
Interviewee: Mario Gil Fernandez MSc PMP