Lesson 4: Lead the Project

    Craft Your Leadership Skills Learning Objective:

  • Discuss the guidelines for developing leadership competencies and skills.

  • Create a Collaborative Project Team Environment Learning Objective:

  • Address leadership styles, and the components of leading a successful team, either in
    person or virtually.

  • Empower the Team Learning Objective:

  • Identify the characteristics and core functions of empowered teams.

  • Support Team Member Performance Learning Objective:

  • Describe artifacts and the strategies for their use.

  • Communicate and Collaborate with Stakeholders Learning Objective:

  • Explain strategies and forms of communication for collaborating in a project team

  • Train Team Members and Stakeholders Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the value of training, coaching and mentoring for a team.

  • Manage Conflict Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the importance of conflict management.
  • Discuss the causes and levels of conflict and their outcomes.