What We Do

Why does Project Implementation matter?

Projects are a proven way to implement once-off assignments with optimum:

  • Delivery Time
  • Costs
  • Risks
This is particular important if the project/assignment is:

  • Capital intensive, eg infrastructure
  • Urgent, eg climate action
  • Geographically spread, e.g. digitalisation
  • Involves several cultures

Typical Use Cases

  • Project Kick-Off: Get your project off to a great start.
  • Requirements Identification: Make sure that you understand what the project clients need.
  • Risk Management: Identify project risks and develop responses.
  • Project Communications: Plan your project communications, to minimise costly misunderstandings and delays
  • Project Execution: Develop a detailed plan for delivering your project.
  • Phase End Meetings: Manage the critical project control points and authorise the next phase.
  • Proper hand-over to client with evaluation of deliverables / performance, action plan for next phase, training of taking over team.
  • Implementation of learnings from past experiences – personal, organization or any level with proper documentation.
  • Operational Guidelines: Develop guidelines for team working, while also contributing to building your team.
  • Global Team Working: Establish working processes to deliver with a virtual team.
  • Troubled Project Recovery: Get a project moving again, e.g. after a change of leadership.

How we support Project Implementation

Implementation Support for your Project Team

  • Focuses on a single important current assignment.
  • This helps project teams to organise themselves to deliver projects
    • As soon as possible
    • With minimum costs and risks.
  • This format brings immediate business benefits
    • To the team, particularly if the members have different project backgrounds

Project Implementation Support for Individuals

  • Similar to the above, where:
    • each participant (or small team) has a current project assignment
    • The participants are not all from the same organisation

Project Education (PMP®)

  • Most beneficial when the organisation has decided which methodology to follow
  • The individual learns the same methodology as the rest of the organisation

Project Consultant Support

  • Appropriate where:
    • The brief is not yet fully clear or defined and needs an experienced project consultant.
    • The (human) resource is not available or limited
    • The responsible person is a professional, but not in project management

Project Audits

  • To help identify priorities
  • Useful for senior management

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