Optimise your Project to inspire Project Team success

A common project scenario is that the implementation team are all professionals in their own area of expertise, but not necessarily experienced project managers. Even if some of them are, they may be familiar with different methodologies and attempt to drive the team in different directions.

This is similar to the situation where every driver is not necessarily a mechanic, but it does help to have some understanding of how a car works to get the best value from it.

This program supports your project team in a task force workshop environment to implement their project successfully, by leading them systematically through best global practice, while documenting their plan so that it can be communicated consistently to everyone involved.

Project management team
  • This program is an excellent and direct way to optimize a critical project, by improving the focus and cohesion of the project team. As a result, the deliverables are achieved faster, with lower costs and with less risks than would otherwise be the case. This is particularly true, if operating under conditions of stress, whether due to limited resources or limited experience.
  • The team workshop is particularly good for Project or Phase Kick-Off and / or when the project team members do not all work at he same location.

Punktlandung Projektplan

A Satisfied Client

Frederic Boner

“The very pragmatic Project Management Toolbox which was deployed to our Commercial Teams has been a game changer. It enabled our teams to take a different perspective and find ways to accelerate our customer projects. Clear improvement for our customers, but also for our teams who got energized by the modules.”

Frederic Boned

Vice President – Human Nutrition & Health, North America at DSM

How do you benefit (“what’s in it for me?”)?

A project delivers unique products, services or results. You will examine 6 Project Challenges and apply what you learn immediately to your project, one challenge per module, followed by a separate group mentoring session for all the participants.

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What do the workshops cover?

Six Project Challenges are discussed, one per module, followed by a separate group mentoring session for all the participants of each company represented, in the month following the workshop. This is your opportunity to get specific advice and support in a confidential environment, resulting in immediate benefits for your current projects.

Project Challenge 1: What exactly does your project do?

A project involves objectives, people, equipment, information etc to achieve something which has not been done exactly like that before. Because it is unique, it can be very difficult to get others to engage in something which they cannot envision.

In this module we will develop a simple description of what the project is about, which you can then use to explain the project vision to everybody concerned, from management to customer and anyone who will contribute to the delivery, inside or outside the company.

Project Challenge 2: Engage your supporters!

Projects deliver unique products, services and/ or results but whether these are wanted or accepted by anyone involved depends on their opinion, not yours. Their opinion also affects how much support or opposition you are likely to get.

Simply stated, it is imperative to find out as early as possible who is likely to interact with your project and plan how to interact constructively with them.

Project Challenge 3: How are you going to organise your project?

“Mind over matter” is important, particularly until the results of your project begin to become visible. You will work out how to structure and delegate the work, with a more detailed view of who is going to do what, when and where…

Project Challenge 4: Orchestrate the action

When the project team take up their roles and start working, the project manager’s role evolves to supporting and leading the team. Much of this involves communication, whether delegating, explaining, problem solving, seeking resources (people and budget) and so on. In this module we consider some of the main themes to help make your project implementation more successful.

Project Challenge 5: Knowing you are on track – and keeping Stakeholders onside

A project manager is like a CEO, who has both internal (e.g. operations) and external (e.g. customer and public relations) roles.  Without keeping the lines to the stakeholders open, it can be impossible to deliver your project.

In this module we will look at how best to keep the stakeholders in touch and supportive of your project implementation.

Project Challenge 6: Finish with a flourish

A clear project closure is a great opportunity to cement relationships for the next time by thanking the contributors. It is also the latest time to learn the lessons, delegate the implementation of improvements and tell everybody that the project is over.

Mentoring/ Personal support

Every group of participants from the same company will have the opportunity to benefit from a private mentoring session within a month of the workshop. This is also an opportunity to invite immediate mangers of the participants.

How does it work?

This is your opportunity to get answers to questions which arose after the workshop and helps you to identify areas that need to be addressed and to put an action plan in place.

  1. You brief us about about your selected project team, the objectives of their project assignment, the current status and the challenges etc.
  2. We draft and agree with you a schedule so that the complete project team can participate in a systematic review of the project, typically over several sessions. The (core) team will usually have 3 – 7 members.
  3. The complete project team then examines all aspects which contribute to project and team success systematically in an online workshop environment. During this phase, the team identify how to optimize their project, supported by the experienced project expert who leads the workshop.
  4. The team members document their decisions, to support communication with the stakeholders, supported by the project expert.
  5. The results are presented to senior managers so that they can align their support with the project priorities.
  6. After the workshops, the individual team members are supported to implement their contribuation by regular personal consultancy calls during an agreed period.

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