Why reinvent the wheel?

What happens when an athlete doesn’t train, a surgeon doesn’t operate or a mechanic doesn’t fix cars? They will all get out of shape and loose their skills. The lack of practice will make them forget the essentials.

And what about the Project Managers who don’t renew their skills? They’ll just loose them like anyone else. Worse yet, they risk being surpassed by innovations, new technologies and other developments in their specialist fields.

It is common knowledge that Project Managers who have acquired the skills and experience also need refresher courses to update their knowledge. This can be a rewarding activity for your training organisations and companies because it increases value  to your client base by offering further valuable services, so leveraging from existing relationships.

And the best is yet to come: you don’t have to design these refresher courses, because we already have a range of Hands-On Practical Workshops which you can even co-brand with your own logo:

  1. Supercharge Your Project Management Career
  2. How to Launch your Team Project More Effectively
  3. Improve Your Project Work Skills with a Challenging Management Game
  4. How to Improve Your Project Results
  5. Get Better Project Results by Engaging your Stakeholders
  6. Sponsor your Projects Actively and Make all the Difference
  7. Why it Pays to Know More About Project Management

The author of these courses Dr. Ó Conchúir is a highly competent project management expert and author of the recently published   “Overview of the PMBOK® Guide”, described as the book for everyone who wants a readable introduction to best practice Project Management.

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