Achieve your goals with PrimeProjectPro

We help YOU to be successful by supporting you to achieve better outcomes, leveraging from our experience and supported by experiential learning.

PrimeProject Pro is a comprehensive range of support services for confronting corporate challenges and achieving your goals in all industrial and commercial sectors, including: Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy, Telecommunications, Construction, Food & Drink, Healthcare, 3rd Level Education etc.

PrimeProject Pro is suitable for all project environments, e.g. Agile, Predictive, Scrum, Hybrid etc., regardless of the project methodologies used in the organisation.

Free Webinars

Increase your management success by leveraging from our experience and learning about selected project management topics.

Free 30 min. webinar.

Participate and get:


Project Workshop

Achieve better outcomes by identifying valuable improvements in this highly practical and interactive group coaching workshop.

As manager or project team member, review and optimise your project by applying experiential learning.

€490/ person includes

  • A 2 x half day interactive, practical Workshop to identify valuable improvements for your current project.
  • 1 month’s Bronze Expert Project Support & Hotline worth €490.
  • 10% discount off the project team’s next inhouse engagement.

Optional Extras (please enquire)

  • In-company event with choice of delivery times in any timezone.
  • Higher levels of Expert Project Support
  • Personal project coaching
  • Delivery in French or German

Team Coaching

Drive your critical assignment to success by dedicating a team workshop to delivering business value.

As an expert in your own field, who is responsible for leading a significant project, this highly practical, interactive coaching workshop is exclusively for your project team.

POA/ on-line in-company project workshop includes:

Optional Extras (please enquire)

  • Team > 5 participants
  • On-site delivery, anywhere globally
  • Higher levels of Expert Project Support
  • Personal project coaching
  • Delivery in French or German

C-Level Support

As a senior manager, augment your resources to address corporate challenges by engaging dedicated experts to accompany your efforts and scaling the engagement as your requirements evolve.

The types of problem we focus on include:

  • Strengthening the expertise available to you by coaching project teams, PMO etc.
  • Increasing your management capacity e.g. when your in-house resources are unavailable, whether planned or unexpected.
  • Launching new projects for rapid consolidation and impact.
  • Accelerating the formation of project teams, even before appointing a manager.
  • Recovering troubled projects.
  • etc.

Suitable for:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Portfolio Managers
  • PMOs (Project Management Office)