Get expert Project Support!

Project Consultancy support is ideal for situations where you have moderate or ill-defined project requirements, needing a reliable and experienced self-starter, e.g.

  • Project specification and planning
  • Identifying and overcoming project risks
  • Project rescue after emergency, changing environment, team or framework conditions
  • Improving project communication, especially for virtual, global teams
  • Accelerating and optimizing new projects
  • Additional support and capacity for the project manager
  • Project consulting in key situations
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Coaching and workshops etc

What Pain Points have you got in these Projects?

  • Accelerating the Digital Transformation
  • Automating Manual Processes
  • Upgrading Cyber Security
  • Leveraging AI
  • Decarbonising your business
  • Building New Capabilities

  • Formalising Remote Working
  • Reestablishing Supply Chains
  • Disaster Recovery and Mitigation
  • Implementing Risk Management
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • etc. etc.

What triggers the demand?

Common business drivers include:

  • Expansion: profits, market shares, sales, skills, product innovations, etc.
  • Cost reduction: This leads to higher profits or higher safety margins in difficult times.
  • Requirements: Compliance with laws, market, security, overcoming a crisis, etc.
  • Emergencies: when the available capacity is not enough for the situation.

How can I use a consultant?

  • Engage to complete an assignment. Suitable for situations where a project is important or urgent and you do not (yet) have a suitable freelancer.
  • As a personal advisor where you are a professional, but would appreciate access to experience, especially in urgent or stressful situations.
  • As a contractor in connection with a critical project to undertake an assignment.
  • As a project coach to accompany project team members.
  • As a project consultant, who is available at any time by telephone.

What levels of advice can I get?

We offer a range of fixed-price levels that you can select or change according to your current needs.

The services in the flat rate fee (prices in the order form) are offered at all levels, as well as a number of dedicated days per month:

  • Platinum: 4 days / month inc. flat rate services
  • Diamond: 3 days / month inc. flat rate services
  • Gold: 2 days / month inc. flat rate services
  • Silver: 1 day / month inc. flat rate services
  • Bronze: Flat rate services

What is included in the flat rate?

  • Unlimited telephone contact and exchange of views to obtain a second opinion (reasonable usage).
  • Up to one hour per week on average for your project.

How is the service managed?

  • Each user gets access to the assigned consultant’s booking calendar and can book call times with a click, confirmed by email and corrected for time zone differences.
  • Invoicing is in € incl. VAT at the beginning of the month with payment period of 2 weeks.
  • Additional expenses such as material purchases, software licences, travel and subsistence etc. will be invoiced in the following month.
  • The level of consultation may be adjusted at the end of a calendar month, with at least one month’s notice.

Für Kunden in der Schweiz

Es gibt auch die Projekt-Hotline, massgescheidert für Kunden in der Schweiz:

  • Beratung auf Deutsch oder Französisch
  • Inklusiv Reisen innerhalb der Schweiz
  • Zahlung per Rechnung am Monatsende

Why Scatterwork?

I particularly enjoy working with Deasún as he is very professional, reactive, dynamic, and deeply cares for the successful outcome of each project.

Deborah Franzi, Business Development Manager at STS | Project Management Expert

Scatterwork is active globally and supports clients to:

  • Reduce their Project Delivery Times, Costs and Risks
  • Develop and implement Continuous Improvement Programs for delivering organization’s strategic objectives
  • Implement Lean and Six Sigma methodology, along with relevant measures and systems to identify opportunities and enhance performance
  • Optimize business processes and support to improvement measurements and cost savings, evaluation of processes and procedures against best practices in the field
  • Drive business improvement and integration of processes & people towards achievement of organizational strategies

Clients include:

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • LafargeHolcim
  • DSM
  • Maersk
  • General Electric
  • CERN
  • HP Enterprise
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Ericsson
  • SwissRe
  • Zurich Financial Services
  • European Commission
  • etc

Dr Deasún Ó Conchúir CEng FIET FIEI PMP

Dr Deasún Ó Conchúir

A goal-oriented project consultant at Scatterwork GmbH who has decades of global experience in over 40 countries.

His areas of expertise are program and project management, product management, IT, engineering, business development, etc.

Clients are from the fields of financial services, IT and electronics, telecommunications, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, nutrition, healthcare, energy, automotive technology, production technology and infrastructure development.

How can I order?

Download and print this form, which also includes the prices: