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Audit your Project to define what the actual problem is

Projects focus on delivering specific results, in response business drivers, whether planned or arising from changes and emergencies. This means that even if your project is already being implemented, the changes to the environment which have occurred give you new oppportunities for improvement.

One very effective way of identifying these opportunities is to examine your project plans systematically, with the support of an independent project expert.

The result is to pinpoint the actual issues, not simply first impressions which are often incorrect, and to identify the “low hanging fruit”, the changes which can be implemented relatively easily and which give big benefits.

You can then focus on implementing the project priorities, even when under pressure or unstable conditions.

How does it work?

  • We support you to decide whether you wish to delegate the audit to an independent project expert or lead it yourself with expert support.
  • Depending on the resources being applied to the project, a schedule of structured sessions is agreed, during which the project will be examined in detail, to discover the root causes of issues and opportunities for improvement. The time and effort scheduled depends on factors such as what resources are being applied to the project and timezone differences.
  • The recommended actions which have been identified are presented to you in a closure meeting, together with recommendations for addressing the opportunities for improvement which have been identified.

Also available as a public event

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