Deep Dive Project Bootcamp

Identify and apply creative actionable improvements in a Project Bootcamp

Bring your mission critical business assignment and leave with an optimized Plan, which you can use to achieve Delivery Time, Cost and Risk reductions.

At the end of the program, you will have developed and documented a comprehensive plan for your current project, with the active support of the workshop consultant, an experienced project manager.

Your clear plan will also support engagement with your stakeholders, including Management, Clients and Project Team.


How do I benefit?

  • Consolidate your project plan quickly, leveraging from Best Practice Project Management according to the international standard ISO 21500:2012.
  • Interactive fun environment which prioritises “doing” over “learning” .
  • Leverage from the experience and insights of the Bootcamp leader and other participants.
  • Much faster and more effective than traditional “learn, then apply afterwards” training.
  • Greatly improve the chances of your project meeting its targets of scope, cost and time and realising the benefits 
  • Follow-up coaching available, to support you during project implementation.

Who is this for?

Suitable for everyone responsible for implementing a business project effectively to realise the benefits as soon as possible and with minimum risks, for example in:

  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • IT
  • Program & Project Management
  • Engineering
  • etc.
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What our Clients say about the Project Bootcamp

Unique Bootcamp Features

  • Get project improvements fast by leveraging from an exerienced project expert, instead of a slower – and more expensive – learning by experience approach.
  • This hands on implementation Bootcamp helps you to work through the critical details of your project, far more effectively than by doing it alone.
  • You work during the Bootcamp to support the implementation of your project – it is NOT a training event.
  • Solution focussed, because only those who bring an active critical project which they must deliver may participate.
  • You can apply improvements immediately to reduce project delivery time, cost and risk.


1. Getting Started

  • Introduce your project
  • Story telling approach to engage all stakeholders
  • Completing your Project Brief

2. Getting Involvement & Support

  • Identify your Stakeholders
  • Identify the Requirements of all your Stakeholders
  • How to communicate with your Stakeholders to keep them satisfied

3. How to Plan your Project

  • Design the optimum Project Phases
  • Identify and validate the Milestones with the Stakeholders
  • Develop a Schedule Network

4. How to Implement your Project

  • Project Leadership & Management skills
  • How to motivate the project team in a Matrix organization
  • Managing the Project Risks

5. How to Control your Project

  • Establish your Tracking and Reporting methods
  • Plan Communication with external customers

6. Closing your Project

  • How and why to close your project systematically
  • Learning the Lessons
  • Identify your Learning and Action Points

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