Which Virtual Workshops could you use?

Scatterwork asks for your inputs to prioritise virtual workshops…

While properly formulated training is an efficient way to share know-how, its effect is inherently slow, as the participants usually apply what they learn AFTER the event.  Typically they go straight back into the day to day work and often do not have the capacity to try out what they have learned.

On the other hand, Workshops are results-oriented, at which there is sufficient sharing of know-how to support IMMEDIATE implementation during the results-oriented Virtual Workshops.  Doing this during the workshops is doubly beneficial, as not only are the business benefits achieved immediately without a built-in time delay, but their implementation is better due to the experience of the coach, who is present to advise. 

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Of course, because Scatterwork events are usually delivered virtually, they also have the many benefits such as no travel time or cost, can be scheduled at short notice etc.

Scatterwork asks for your inputs, to tell us which “Virtual Workshops for Virtual Teams” would be most valuable to you, by asking you to fill out this short survey, which refers to the following workshop options:

  • Manage your Virtual Project Risks! Identify and address current project risks.
  • Develop Virtual Team Operational Guidelines interactively: Great for team building and cooperation.
  • Kick-Off your Virtual Project: When the team must deliver immediately without the luxury of meeting face to face!
  • Plan your Virtual Team Communications: Helps target the information flow and avoid costly communication delays.
  • Manage your Project Phase End: Critical control point which requires a lot of organising and follow through.
  • Re-Launch a Troubled Project: Get your project moving again, e.g. after a change of leadership or serious slippage.

Please click here to tell us what Scatterwork’s priorities should be.  Your inputs are greatly appreciated, thank you!

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