Virtual working: a burning issue

Virtual working is spreading like a bushfire. Not quite. But it’s becoming a burning issue on Composite illustration many executive floors. The benefits are too obvious: time and cost savings, faster decisions and more, especially since the IT infrastructure is in place in most businesses. In many cases it is not technology slowing down progress, but set human habits.

Experts, however, believe that it will not take much longer for virtual working to become as popular as emailing is today. What makes it so attractive to any business is that it’s free. Granted, some hardware adjustments might be necessary, but most likely they will not blow the budget to pieces. The gains in productivity will far outweigh the hardware investment.

An important aspect in a virtual working environment is the cooperation among individuals and groups. How pitfalls in communication between human beings in a virtual working setup can be avoided and tips about virtual working are the subject of a workshop conducted by Dr. Deasún Ó Cochúir at the Project Management Talk Day in Zurich/Switzerland on November 16, 2011. Dr. Ó Conchúir is well known for his successful project management workshops, and as a project troubleshooter, consultant, keynote speaker and author.

Project Management Talk is organized by Digicomp and dedicated to expert presentations and round-table discussions about project management in the 21st century.


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