The Virtual Project and Team Building Tool Everyone is Talking About

Managing a team spread across different locations? global teams image

The Virtual Team Building Game allows you to get your team going in a few days instead of the weeks required by traditional face to face team or kick-off meetings.

  • Avoid misunderstandings, hassles, and miscommunications that result in missed deadlines and cost overruns.
  • Start as strangers and emerge from the Virtual Team Building Game as a cohesive team, ready to work together effectively and efficiently

How does it work?

The Virtual Team Building Workshop uses the Global Team Simulator. This supports an innovative online simulation and training program; the online environment simulates various aspects of projects that the participants are likely to be faced with in the real world. Participants are able to deal with the challenges of working as part of a Virtual Team in a realistic manner.

I have a limited number of openings available the week of 12 May. Act now to schedule a session for your team – and ensure your project’s success.

Price: $9950 for a 3-day workshop (Three 3-hour sessions over 3 consecutive days)

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