There’s Always a First Time

Remember the day you were called to join a project team? You were never part of a team before. You may have heard about this particular  project, now you’re invited to join the team, but you didn’t know what was expected of you. And you didn’t know the people. All you knew was that they were located in different places. No wonder you were apprehensive. And possibly quite a bit thrilled.

Rightfully so! You were invited to join because you possessed a quality the team needed. Meanwhile you are part of the team, do the job to the best of your abilities and are still trying to figure out what Project Management is and how Project Teamwork could be improved.

For you and like-minded people the answer is this exciting on-line training program which is offered with this Scatterwork course

Virtual Team Building Workshop

It provides new and existing teams with a basic understanding of what Project Management is and offers them a hands-on training experience in working together successfully in a simulated project with the Global Team Simulator, an on-line simulation and learning tool.

This course takes 3 x 3 hours, which may be taken consecutively or spaced over a period of several weeks. Communication is via broadband internet. 3 or 4 participants form a team which will be monitored and coached by an expert trainer.

Former participants have attested this course a real live-like quality. Click here for details.




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