Participant Soundbites:

“The workshop was exceptional & was delivered with a very practical method relevant to my work.  Excellent job overall.”
“Excellent facilitator. Simply Great!!!”
“Very good method for presentation and methodology.”
“Facilitator was very experienced.  He gave lot of practicle examples to explain the topics.”
“To the facilitator: “you are a man of outstanding expertise…”
“Deasún was a fabulous and enthusiastic teacher. The company is blessed.”
“Very good examples provided by facilitator when explaining different situations.”
“Very good experience sharing other team member inputs & practices.”
“Workshop was very interactive, well facilitated for time & content centred discussion.”
“Very interesting program with the multiple interaction between the team.” 
“The training was very helpful to me.”
“Thank you for this workshop:”
“Excellent job overall.”
“A very good eye opener.”
“Good communication … with relevant examples of reality.”
“Workshop was very interactive, well-facilictated for time and content centred discussion.”
“Facilitator was very experienced person.”

Cross-sectoral and global Testimonials:

Tatiana Kurashkina, Transformation Coach at Holcim Technology Ltd part of LafargeHolcim

Tatiana Kurashkina
Tatiana Kurashkina

“Deasun worked with us on many in-house development and certification programs for project managers. Deasun is an engaging trainer with a deep understanding of global practices, modern approaches to project work and also how LH works and what internal processes are in place. We have only had highest satisfaction rates for the courses which were done with Deasun as a collaborator and trainer.”

Sunil Dahiya, Chief Business Officer at African Cashew Alliance

Sunil Dahiya

“Dr. Deasun is great tutor with versatile and vast knowledge of human capacitation. Participating at Brussels in one of course facilitated by him was turned a valuable outcome for “Dr. Deasún is a great tutor with a large and versatile knowledge of human capacity. Participating in Brussels at a course faclitated by him gave me valuable inputs for me and my career..”


Deborah Franzi, Sales Manager at STS SA



“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Deasún in the frame of project management trainings for several multinationals. He is a very experienced and respected trainer who is able to captivate his audience through his expertise, global experience, capacity to relate and adapt to a specific group, ability to convey the right messages and his great personality. Deasún distinguishes himself through a highly structured pedagogical approach and relentless strive for the success of his students. I particular enjoy working with Deasún as he is very professional, reactive, dynamic, and deeply cares for the successful outcome of each project. “



Elisabeth Weber, Principal Consultant ISG

Elisabeth Weber
Elisabeth Weber

“I met Deasun at PMI Switzerland chapter event , his events were very well organised and the rating from participants excellent. He then joined PMI Switzerland chapter BOD for 1 year and energised our certification and education stream. Unique personality with great ideas. We wish him all the best in his new position and look forward to meet him at our events and extend a big thank you for his dedication as VP in 2011.”

Varadaraj (Raj) Narayanan, Specialist in Testing the Software Quality, Process, Project and Program Management



Varadaraj (Raj) Narayanan
Varadaraj (Raj) Narayanan

“I attended the PMP prep online course conducted by Dr. Deasun recently. I must say his lucid style of explaining the knowledge areas and the PM Process Groups were very much appreciated in our group. I strongly recommend him for such mentoring programmes.”

Hilary Frazer, Interim Organization Development & Human Resources Director





Hilary Frazer
Hilary Frazer

I was fortunate to collaborate with Deasún as part of an important organisation development initiative to establish a global standard and framework for project management at Ciba Specialty Chemicals AG. Prior to arrival, the initiative had a difficult start and was struggling to progress. Thanks to Deasún’s expertise, as well as his professional and collegial approach, we could not only turn it around, but gain significant traction and high level sponsorship from the company’s Corporate Technology Office, Global Segment Heads and HR Leadership.

Deasún and I also worked together to build project management skills and capability across the company. We developed and implemented training programmes at varying levels at nearly twenty locations across countries and cultures. Deasún also brought his extensive experience and depth of knowledge to support design and developments of a new project sponsorship programme. This was a high profile and high risk initiative for a senior and demanding audience. We could succeed due to his credibility and engagement, ensuring consistency which was both necessary and important to the company at that time.

He is a very experienced and effective trainer, using many day to day examples to simplify learning. His clear diction is also appreciated internationally across time zones and overcomes language barriers. He pays great attention to detail, whilst keeping the overall objectives in sight, to ensure that the client’s requirements are met. I’m happy to recommend Deasún for any project he wishes to undertake and would gladly collaborate with him again in future.

Enzo Paradiso, Marie Curie Fellow at CERN

Enzo Paradiso
Enzo Paradiso

“I had the opportunity to participate in an intense Project Management training course given by Deasún, at CERN.The course was engaging, and we also had several discussions around supplemental case studies. He clearly explained complex project management concepts and he provided useful support material.It was a pleasure to work with Deasún and I hope to be able to do so again.”

Heru Wibowo, Training and Learning Manager – PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk




Heru Wibowo
Heru Wibowo

“At first I was impressed with his name – unique, unusual – then immediately what makes him more impressive is the fact that he is a very competent and effective trainer and consultant. I observed that most participants like him. I was in intensive contact with him as he delivered a number of Asia Pacific (Regional) Project Management Seminar and Certification programs in Bogor, Indonesia. Participants – coming from several countries – enjoyed his approach in facilitating fun and meaningful learning environment.”

Zoltan Lorantffy, Managing Director & Strategic Partner




Zoltan Lorantffy
Zoltan Lorantffy

I had the pleasure of working with Deasún when managing a project management training company in Budapest Hungary. Deasún was a lead facilitator for one of our programs in Budapest. His delivery of training was exceptionally executed and very highly regarded by attendees. Given his professionalism and work ethic, I always welcome the opportunity to work with Deasún again.

Isabelle Jaggi McCoy, Responsable Ventes & Dégustations



Isabelle Jaggi McCoy
Isabelle Jaggi McCoy


Deasún is a true professional with whom I have collaborated on and off in various roles since 1999. I highly recommend him in the capacity of consultant and also as a trainer of professional project management such as PMP, where I have experienced his transfer of knowledge first-hand.

He approaches all his mandates with professionalism and integrity; he is ingenious at finding solutions to difficult challenges and in communicating across cultures.

As a trainer, Deasún clearly illustrates complex project management concepts, drawing out the knowledge within each of his students, enabling them to immediately grasp difficult approaches and tools, previously unknown to them.

Myriam Meekers, Manager Education Services at Hewlett-Packard



Myriam Meekers
Myriam Meekers

Deasún is a highly qualified professional combining expert business knowledge and human interest. He is very structured and targeted to achieve clear and agreed upon goals. It was a great pleasure to work with him in the past and I would certainly recommend him in any future opportunity.

Kim Richards, Swiss Re




Kim Richards
Kim Richards

Deasún has extensive knowledge of the subject and [is] extremely passionate, which is great.

Riccardo Recchi PMP







Riccardo Recchi PMP
Riccardo Recchi PMP

Deasún is a passionate professional who enjoys staying always up to date with the latest developments in project management and transferring his extensive knowledge in different businesses.

I had the chance to meet him as I was starting my journey to get PMP certified, as trainer of a course in Zurich. This lasted a few days and Deasún was able to create a positive and constructive atmosphere. He also gave us some useful tips for the exam; we definitely benefited from his deep experience in project management.

With Scatterwork he also offers such mentoring programs on-line and in many languages. I strongly recommend him.

 Dragana Ilijašević


Dragana Ilijašević PMP
Dragana Ilijašević PMP

I had the privilege several times to participate in knowledge sharing sessions which Deasún provided to PMI volunteers.

He is a passionate trainer, with a deep understanding of PMI values and who pays focussed attention to what participants say. You improve your knowledge and have fun at his lectures, which is why he is invited all over Europe to teach different events, from PM training to local and global congresses.

It is always good choice to invite him to be key speaker on your events.

 Kai Halbach, Coordination SIA Form Suisse romande

In unserem Webinar zum Thema “Gestion des risques” hat Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir seine langjährigen Erfahrungen zum Thema Risikomanagement sehr interaktiv, professionell und gut verständlich an die Architekten und Ingenieure vermitteln können. Wir danken Ihm für das hervorragende Webinar!

Mitch Panzar, Dufry

Mitch Panzar
Mitch Panzar

“I had the chance to meet Deasún as a mentor and coordinator while I was preparing for my PMP certification.

Our work together showed from the outset to be a constructive journey in which I could take advantage of the wealth of specific knowledge in many industries, experience in project management and deep knowledge and understanding of people – their background, interests, stakes,…

What surprised me at the same time is Deasún’s natural curiosity in exploring industries not close to him – my industry is ‘international travel retail’ – and ability to understand their business drivers and force fields. This all makes me very much look forward to other future common work.”

Peter Williamson, Lawson Software

Peter Williamson

“Deasún ran a Project Management Competence Building event for my Project Managers. A thoroughly professional event, well run, with clear value given by Deasún and taken away by participants.”

Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager

“Deasún was instrumental in supporting a significant change process within the European project management community. His patience and strength of purpose was highly valued.”

Cor Duijndam PMP, NXP Semiconductors

Cor Duijndam









“Deasún provided a highly appreciated PMP Prep training a.o. by sharing a well dosed part of his wealth of Project Management experience and detailed PMBoK knowledge.”




Colin Saunders, SAP Security and Account Manager, Nestlé Waters North America

Colin Saunders
Colin Saunders

“Deasún worked on the Nestle Purina cluster upgrade project for the seven data-centers around Europe. His project management and system knowledge were excellent in delivering the project on time and within budget. His man management and project tracking were vital in the hardware and software upgrades being completed by several different teams within the timescales for subsequent projects. I would not hesitate in recommending Deasún to a future employer.”

Marianne L. Luchsinger, Development & Communication Manager, Swiss Re

Marianne Luchsinger
Marianne Luchsinger



“Deasún and I had the pleasure to work together on several projects, the most important one a complete overhaul of the project management training programme at Swiss Re. I found Deasún to be an experienced project manager with strong personal drive and initiative. He was able to both keep the big picture in mind, as well as be exacting in the details. Much of the resulting quality was down to Deasún’s efforts.”



Irina Kashinskaya, PhD, Managing Director, STS Vostok

Irina Kashinskaya
Irina Kashinskaya

It is always very useful, exiting and motivating! It’s a great challenge and really worth trying :).

Franck Ruckstuhl, Director of Human Resources, Editions Atlas (Suisse) SA

I have known Deasún Ó Conchúir since I assigned him to reorganise the training department of the international firm (1,500 employees) of which I was Director of Human Resources over ten years ago. Since then our paths have crossed several times.

Deasún Ó Conchúir benefits from extensive professional experience which he has developed in the course of many assignments which he has carried out for numerous international concerns. His competence in his areas of activity is without question. In addition his exceptional adaptability has allowed him not only to master French, German, Swiss German and English languages but also to integrate completely into the corresponding cultures.

Applying his professional conscience in demanding situations, his great resistance to stress allows him to complete assignments successfully in all circumstances. Deasún Ó Conchúir, who is a pleasant character, can be recommended without reservation to all clients who wish to call on his services.

Michèle Richard, PMP – CEO Marakoudja

Michèle Richard
Michèle Richard









Deasún is a very good speaker. He has presence and keeps the audience focused on the topic. He makes his conferences in a participative way and ensures that the audience needs are met.

Brian Tarnowski, Business Support, Paper Chemicals

A team of Project Engineers in Paper Manufacture (locally based, generally one per country), who provided engineering solutions for use of the Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ products, needed a standardised project management methodology to ensure high quality, cost effective results.

Deasún developed & delivered a training schedule for the engineers, which resulted in a much greater consistency of work across the regions and an improved use of modular equipment as opposed to tailor made solutions. Costs, productivity and teamwork all improved with engineers offering help to each other. Deasún’s personality was such that the engineers saw the advantages of what was on offer & embraced it, rather than having to be pushed.

Sebastian Strehmel, STS Sauter Training & Simulation SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

I was highly impressed by Deasún’s presentation skills. The presentation was obviously very well prepared and definitely captivating. Also, he involved the audience frequently. Finally, I would also like to highlight the perfect time management despite last minute organizational changes. Many thanks Deasún!

I was highly impressed by Deasún’s presentation skills. The presentation was obviously very well prepared and definitely captivating. Also, he involved the audience frequently. Finally, I would also like to highlight the perfect time management despite last minute organizational

Sebastian Strehmel
Sebastian Strehmel

changes. Many thanks Deasún!


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