Participant Soundbites:

“The workshop was exceptional & was delivered with a very practical method relevant to my work.  Excellent job overall.”
“Excellent facilitator. Simply Great!!!”
“Everything was great…really enjoyed it!”
“Very good method for presentation and methodology.”
“Facilitator was very experienced.  He gave lot of practical examples to explain the topics.”
“To the facilitator: “you are a man of outstanding expertise…”
“Deasún was a fabulous and enthusiastic teacher. The company is blessed.”
“Very good examples provided by facilitator when explaining different situations.”
“Very good experience sharing other team member inputs & practices.”
“Workshop was very interactive, well facilitated for time & content centred discussion.”
“Very interesting program with the multiple interaction between the teams.” 
“The virtual training met or exceeded all of my expectations.”
“The training was very helpful to me.”
“Thank you for this workshop:”
“Instructor was confident and passionate.”
“Excellent job overall.”
“A very good eye opener.”
“Good communication … with relevant examples of reality.”
“Workshop was very interactive, well-facilictated for time and content centred discussion.”
“Facilitator was very experienced person.”
“Excellent course. Excellent instructor.”

Cross-sectoral and global Testimonials:

Dr Tatiana Kurashkina,Transformation Coach at Holcim Technology Ltd part of LafargeHolcim

“Deasun worked with us on many in-house development and certification programs for project managers. Deasun is an engaging trainer with a deep understanding of global practices, modern approaches to project work and also how LH works and what internal processes are in place. We have only had highest satisfaction rates for the courses which were done with Deasun as a collaborator and trainer.”

Sunil Dahiya, Chief Business Officer at African Cashew Alliance

“Dr. Deasun is great tutor with versatile and vast knowledge of human capacitation. Participating at Brussels in one of course facilitated by him was turned a valuable outcome for “Dr. Deasún is a great tutor with a large and versatile knowledge of human capacity. Participating in Brussels at a course faclitated by him gave me valuable inputs for me and my career..”

Deborah Franzi, Sales Manager at STS SA

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Deasún in the frame of project management trainings for several multinationals. He is a very experienced and respected trainer who is able to captivate his audience through his expertise, global experience, capacity to relate and adapt to a specific group, ability to convey the right messages and his great personality. Deasún distinguishes himself through a highly structured pedagogical approach and relentless strive for the success of his students. I particular enjoy working with Deasún as he is very professional, reactive, dynamic, and deeply cares for the successful outcome of each project. “