Preparation is key to successful Virtual Phase Reviews

This is another short video from Scatterwork, this time about preparation being the key to successful virtual phase reviews for virtual projects.

A very well tried and tested feature of projects is to work in phases. Instead of giving the project manager a go ahead for the entire project, we say: “Please do these deliverables and then come back to us with your updated plan”.

This is a really good idea because it gives an opportunity for the stakeholders to review the direction of the project and even to change it without having to undo work.The people doing the project have a fixed scope during the phase so they have some reasonable chance of hitting the target. Also it protects the project from daily changes of direction and scope. So the same applies to virtual projects.

The difference is that in a meeting when people are sitting together is relatively informal and items that are missing can be found quickly, can be searched for, brought into the room and so forth.

With a virtual meeting it’s much more important that the background has been set up properly, that for example, everybody is sure of the time zone, they all have microphones that work, and they are comfortable with the technology you’re using.

Personally I prefer web meetings. These are far more flexible than video meetings and they use less bandwidth so they’re more reliable.

Also once people have had a little bit of communication face-to-face, maybe at the beginning with the cameras, then it actually works better, the focus is better, if we shared the screen with various slides and information of things that we want to talk about.

So the point about all this is that this background preparation does require extra work.

We can’t just do it informally as we go along, but if we do it properly then this is indeed the key to successful virtual phase meetings.

Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir (pronounce) is a Collaboration Consultant at Scatterwork, which supports Project Solutions for Virtual Teams.


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