Trainer is a Project Management Author

Hello. This is Deasún Ó Conchúir from Scatterwork to talk about the benefits of virtual training. We’re talking here about replicating the traditional training environment through the internet, and something rather more active than just webinars, which tend to be passive and where the participants tend to be on their own.

When we mentioned in a previous video that by working through the internet one has effectively a global choice of trainer and each company, each provider has specific things they can bring to the party.

At Scatterwork one of the things that I bring to the party is that I’m an author in the area of project management. This means that I have had to work very closely through the details of what it means to manage virtual projects.

They often say that presenting something forces you to be quite clear on what you’re talking about. Obviously writing a book is a very detailed exercise and it requires that the person doing it is very close to the subject.

That’s a particular advantage that I bring to the party, is my experience as an author in the area of project management. Thanks very much.

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