Simplified Bookings for Training Schedulers

Making appointments with many people can be frustrating!

Someone once said that scheduling is easy in principle.  It is just keeping track of the details that makes it difficult.  This is particularly true for schedulers of our training, as they have to negotiate details, logistics and availability, both with the client and the trainer.  The constant coming and going can take a lot of effort, even if supported by social networks, e-mail and telephone.

Scatterwork automates consultant time reservations

Clients and schedulers can now select AND reserve training and consultancy dates directly through our on-line Availability and Reservation Request system at can view which days do not contain scheduled consultancy work and reserve them, getting an immediate reservation by e-mail.

What are the Advantages?

Availability & Reservation RequestsThe advantages of this system include:

  • The scheduler can negotiate and reserve delivery dates immediately, even while negotiating with the client.  This results in a much earlier assignment confirmation, eliminates much e-mailing and messaging and also improves supplier credibility.
  • The scheduler can find out which dates are available for scheduled events (e.g. training, consultancy) without needing to call the consultant.  This is important, as consultants are often unable to take a call during client work, which is most of the time, or be in a different time zone.

Using the Availability & Reservations Requests application on-line

Select Date (ignore the time)Provide your information


  • Although the system shows dates on which there is no scheduled activity, personal contact is still necessary to finalise. Depending on where the previous booking is being held, some combinations may be simply too far to travel between one day and the next.
  • The time reserved (always 08:00 at our offices) is irrelevant and simply a placeholder.  Both user and Scatterwork receive confirmation e-mails.
  • The confirmation mail is also a placeholder, until we confirm the event with you.  The reservation does however prevent another client blocking the same day.
  • If you want to reserve several days, you will need to repeat this process for each day.
  • If your requirement is more than 3 months in the future or you do not get a reply within a working day, please contact Scatterwork.
  • The calendar does not show non-scheduled consulltancy work (e.g. preparaion work, desk research, authoring articles and books etc) because these times can usually be rescheduled.
  • You can also bookmark the page for future use, as the data is updated constantly.  Please also share it freely with colleagues.
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