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Are you challenged by a dispersed or virtual team?

Are you responsible for implementing a project with an online, global or virtual team? Immediately? Without travel? Or are they simply in different locations some of the time? If either answer is yes, then Scatterwork’s Virtual Team Building Workshop is most certainly for you and your entire virtual team.

All projects develop in stages

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You are working with the best and the brightest – but whilst they must work closely with each other, some or even all of them are based all over the world and may have no opportunity to meet. Problem? Not at all.

Accelerate the progression of your team through Tuckman’s “Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing” cycle with this online Virtual Team Building Workshop.  It brings all the members of your team in working contact with one another virtually, via live contact through the internet, without travel; they learn about each other during this highly sophisticated game–like program. All the activities are carried out via broadband Internet and are moderated live by a globally experienced project management trainer.

How can you ensure everyone works well together, even though they may never meet?

This approach is based upon Experiential Learning. This means that the participants take part in collaborative team assignments, which become progressively more difficult. After each assignment, they identify their own learning points, which emerge from a critique and analysis of individual actions and performance during the task.

At the beginning, the assignments are simple, game-like; they become progressively more complex, graduating to a full project simulation as the program progresses.


This program has two main objectives:

  1. The first is to improve dramatically the integration and cohesion of your Virtual Team; this is particularly important where you have staff and colleagues who must work closely together on your project, but who may never actually meet.
  2. The second is to enhance and develop the Project Management Execution skills of your team.

What’s in it for me?

Your staff and colleagues will interact with each other on a real person–to–person basis, simulating intense project situations through a workshop; this provides a true intensification of team integration.

Your team will experience project successes together, which translates to the real world. They are equipped to deliver successfully because the most common communication risks faced by global teams have been reduced significantly; your concerns diminish about differences in language, time–zones, culture, working environment or climate, for example, as these obstacles are overcome in online, virtual training sessions.

But what do these team workshops actually DO?

Project teams always ‘just work’, don’t they?The Virtual Team Building Workshop takes a different approach compared with traditional project management training, by making use of the widely used SimulTrain®, which simulates various aspects of project working that the participants meet in the real world – participants are able to deal with the challenges of working as part of a Virtual Team in a realistic manner.

There’s an assumption that bringing together a group of individuals who are experts in their own specific fields will automatically lead to a perfect working team; this is far from true.

In fact, due to the globalization of many businesses, and therefore the teams working within the businesses, there are often quite significant project risks – most common are delays and errors caused by misunderstandings and poor communication.

This workshop program has been designed to provide value to a range of businesses and project managers. It is relevant for all project management methodologies and standards, including PMI®, Prince2® Agile/ Scrum and more. It is also suitable for use in groups of mixed levels and experience; the more experienced participants will take on the role of contributors, as well as learners.

By building upon the proven principles of project management, the Virtual Team Building Workshop allows your project manager to exercise imagination when it comes to execution. Poor communication and the resulting delays & costs become a mere memory.

Is this program right for me and my team?

It’s a simple question, but it bears repeating: are you responsible for implementing a project with a global or simply dispersed team? If the answer is yes, then the Virtual Team Building Workshop is essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

Since the program is conducted on-line it can be used across multiple locations, and spanning global time zones – assuming that everyone is willing to be a little flexible and be on-line at the same time, of course.

The program is conducted in English, French or German.  In addition the project simulator is based on teams of four participants and offers over twenty languages, so participants can be grouped by language (however they learn less about global working if they do this).

In order to get the most from your experience, it’s useful for all participants to have at least some project experience; an ideal amount would be 2 – 3 years, but of course this is flexible. If you have members on your team who are less familiar with project work, you should consider including additional basic project management training.

If you’re interested in incorporating basic project management training in the program, or you’re not sure if it would be useful for your team, just ask us here and now – we’re more than happy to advise.

Program Format

The program is conducted over 3 x 3 hour sessions; these sessions may be taken consecutively (recommended), or distributed over a period of weeks.

It is essential that ALL the participants of your team participate, up to a maximum of 12 and including the team manager/leader.

Each participant works from his/her working location and all communication takes place via broadband Internet in real time. The format is similar to a moderated live webinar.

Workshops are moderated live by a highly experienced project management trainer; all communication takes place via broadband Internet and all interaction takes place in real time.

As the cooperative project simulation is nominally based on teams of four participants., the trainer will determine the exact configuration in consultation with you, with reference to time-zones, geographic location, language etc.

Irina Kashinskaya“It is always very useful, exiting and motivating! It’s a great challenge and really worth trying :).” Irina Kashinskaya, PhD, Managing Director, STS Vostok

In summary…

By the end of this workshop program, your team will:

  • have improved dramatically team integration and cohesion, by the team discovering each other’s working styles
  • have learnt how to overcome potential challenges in a realistic virtual working environment, while enhancing and developing their Project Management Execution skills.
  • be able to engage and integrate the best available resources from around the world, without regard to their location.

How does it work?

  • The program is conducted over 3 x 3 hour sessions, usually on consecutive days
  • Visual and voice communication takes place via broadband Internet (VoIP) in real time
  • Each course can be attended by 3 – 12 team members
  • Your program will be facilitated by an experienced project management trainer.

It’s perfect for you if:

  • you are responsible for leading a global or dispersed team, which needs to get working together without delay OR you such people report to you
  • your team can communicate in English as a common language
  • your team have some experience in project management

Where do I sign up?

Heard enough? Need to know more? No problem! Contact Scatterwork now to discuss your requirements – let us know what else you would like to know, and we will respond!

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