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Improve your Project Results

Coaching support
Coaching support

When a whole team would benefit from a shared understanding of project management, then team workshops are best. If however the individuals in the team need mentoring and support to implement best practice, then individual coaching in the workplace is a good option to achieve success. Even better is workshops, accompanied by individual workplace coaching.

By applying the tenets of Project Management to your once-off assignments, you improve your impact while reducing the effort, whether you are responsible for undertakings, initiatives, cases, missions or pursuits, or whatever else projects are called in your branch or industry.

Dr. Ó Conchúir PMP (pronounce) is a world class project management consultant who takes the burden of training and coaching from senior managers, who can then use the time to focus on other areas of responsibility, while also achieving better project results.

Dr. Ó Conchúir’s training and consultancy interventions are driven by your business challenges and apply project management methodology to achieve success. Senior managers can lighten their burden and save the time and effort of training and coaching their project managers in the important processes that are necessary to stand out among competitors.

Business practices within an organization that have been relied upon for years can grow stale and lag behind the times. It takes the expertise of a project management pro like Dr. Ó Conchúir, who literally has written the book, to support your team up to attain the level necessary to compete in today’s global market.

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