PM for Advanced Project Managers

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“Time is of the essence” and you need a viable implementation plan for your business critical project without delay. The principles of Project Management according to ISO 21500:2012 are presented and applied directly to pre-selected client projects during the workshop.

What are the benefits?

  • Viable plans are developed during the workshop for projects which the participants are currently working on. The client selects in advance which projects will be planned during the workshop.
  • Leveraging from the learning and insights, these projects then have better chances of meeting their scope, cost and time budgets.
  • Suitable when a viable project plan is needed immediately, with a minimum of “learning” overhead.
  • Faster than with traditional “learn, then apply afterwards” training.
  • Multilingual trainer for group discussions (Deutsch, English, Français).
  • Optional workplace or remote coaching follow-up are available, to further improve the business impact of the learning.

Who is this for?

Experienced project managers who want to increase their efficiency by applying best practice project management, but may not be up to date or have have had recent project management training.

Workshop Overview

1. Getting Started
•Learning Objectives
•Event logistics
•What is a project?
•Project vs. Operations vs Process
•Project Brief

2. How to Initiate your Project
•Identify and Communicate with Stakeholders
•How to identify Requirements
•Project Deliverables

3. How to Plan your Project
•Project Phases
•Schedule Network

4. How to Implement your Project
•Motivation & Leadership in a Matrix organization
•Managing the Project Risks

5. How to Control your Project
•Tracking and Reporting
•Communication with external customers

6. Closing your Project
•Systematic Project Completion
•Learning the Lessons
•Identify your Learning and Action Points

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