Project Workshops

Get your assignment under control at an Applied Workshop

Does your business deliver customer orders using a project approach? Or does your  marketing use projects to get nearer to your customer, so supporting sales? While your subject matter experts deliver the business, they could work even more effectively if familiar with the highlights of project management.

The challenge is to bring enough project management competence to the subject matter experts so that they can use it themselves. Training courses are always effective, as they tell participants what to do after the event. The Scatterwork approach is for participants to plan their projects during workshops, which include enough of a training element to point the way.

The benefits include:

  • All participants become familiar with globally recognised project management terminology.
  • The key aspects of project management are explained and backed up by applied exercises.
  • The participants can work on real, current projects from their working world, selected in advance in consultation with their management.  This means that the workshop time is “project time”, not “training time”.

Who is this for?

Subject matter experts who deliver services on a project basis. They do not need previous project experience.  Even if they do, their experience contributes to the overall learning.



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