Personal Project Advice

Dr Deasún Ó Conchúir
Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir – experience of over 40 countries

As a professional, you know how to do your own job.  You cannot be an expert in everything so you delegate or seek advice from others as suits the situation.

How would it help if you had access to personal project advice whenever you want it?  With this service from Scatterwork you can! Simply book and pay for a teleconference appointment.

Book 30 mins. now$125 approx.

$225 approx.

Typical Use Cases

  • After drafting a project plan before authorisation, when seeking agreement from the stakeholders
  • When planning a project kick-off, whether on-site or virtual.
  • For Project Phase Meetings, with busy stakeholders
  • To re-align or recover a failing project, where the current expectations are not being achieved
  • To leverage from a project closure to identify and implement the “lessons learned”.
  • A project situation or issue has arisen, where you would like an expert opinion to help you decide how to react.
  • etc.

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