Application Areas

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Application Areas: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Application Areas: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Both technological and user acceptability trends mean that the application areas of online team training environment include an increasing variety of situations:

Online Project Kick-offs, Phase Reviews & Project Recovery

These are a classic team activities which require the total involvement of the participants, otherwise misunderstandings will lead to unavoidable delays and increased costs.

Simply sending invitations and tolerating parallel activity during the communication (as is typical for teleconferences and one-to-many training) is simply not focussed enough.

By applying the robust online organisational methods of online team training makes it possible to hold effective Project Kick-Offs and Phase Reviews online.

Project Recovery is a special case of Project Kick-Offs, where emotions are particularly present. This means that the total participation of the team is imperative.

Team Building

Much Team Building takes place among physically present participants and there is also an increasing practice of single online team building events.  Scatterwork goes further, using:

  • A game-like project simulator to provide a team building environment
  • strong Participation Management, using a combination of appropriate teaching methods
  • Cloud Workflows to support the environment.

Online Training

The robust teaching and participation management offered by Scatterwork is particularly suitable for:

Project Management Training

Using a game-like project simulator, which has been used by over 150,000 participants, the skills of a project team can be aligned and shared.  This is independent of project methodology and uses Experiential Learning, that is the participants learn by evaluating their own conduct after closing a simulation session.

Online Migration of face-to-face training

Continual cost (and effort) reduction is always expected of training programs.  In extreme cases, traditional face-to-face training is migrated to an online environment.  The robust teaching and participation management methods used by Scatterwork will add to the continued good learning results in the context of migrating complete training programs online, previously thought to be only possible using face-to-face training.

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