Online Team Training

What is Online Team Training?

The learning objective of Online Team Training is to benefit the Team. Think: global and dispersed teams which have an urgent and important assignment to fulfill, where face-to-face meetings are not the best solution for logistical or cost reasons.

Uses of Online TEAM Training

Both technological and user acceptability trends mean that the Online Team Training environment can be used in an increasing variety of Application Areas, such as:

  • Project Kick-off
  • Team Building
  • Project Recovery
  • Phase Reviews
  • Project Training
  • Online Migration of face-to-face training programs etc.

Why Online Training?

In this day and age, immediate business results are demanded, while travel for traditional onsite face-to-face training has high time, delay and logistical costs, Online Training is an excellent and increasingly practical alternative.

Provided that training programs are managed and delivered by experts in online training, such as Scatterwork:

  • the benefits achieved can be close to that of traditional training at a fraction of the organisational overhead and cost.
  • they can be delivered with much shorter lead-times, for urgent situations.

online team training

When is Online Team Training suitable?

If you struggle with any these challenges in your team….

  • they work in different offices, locations, cities, countries or even continents
  • they cannot meet often (or at all) due to budget, time, delay or logistical constraints
  • they don’t all know each other or maybe haven’t even met
  • they speak different native languages
  • they live in widely different time zones, regions and cultures
  • … but are expected to work as a team right now…

These circumstances make it very difficult to achieve Tuckman‘s “performing” stage of team development, putting your results at risk because of widely varying work styles.

Scatterwork can help you to achieve results and reduce the risks through Online Project Management and Team Building training.

Why Team Training?

Projects can only be delivered by coordinating many people with different resources, skills, roles and interests.  Individual training is useful as a background, but the best results can only be achieved by training as a Team, all together, including their manager.

Because of this Scatterwork focuses on Team Training, rather than training for individuals.  On request, Scatterwork can also provide:

  • Online one-to-many Project Training, for the benefit of the individual learner.
  • Face-to-face Project Management & Team Building at any location globally.

online team traning

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