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Is your project team like “herding cats”?

Project management is sometimes a bit like “herding cats”, trying to get everyone to share their objectives and act in a coordinated way. This is even harder if your team is distributed across locations, countries or even continents. Scatterwork helps you to improve your success as manager of a virtual project team by:

  • sharpening team project management skills and
  • forging and building relationships within your team.

Workshop participants welcome the successful game-like project simulator, improving both project management and team skills. Whether your assignments are called undertakings, initiatives, cases, missions or pursuits or some other name, you must show results.

This workshop will weld your virtual team together and provide an online training boost in Project Management – without global travel!

The basic event format is three, 3 hour on-line workshops on 3 consecutive days.  Access is via broadband internet, browser and VoIP (voice over internet). Contact Scatterwork now to discuss your requirements.

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Project Simulation Office (courtesy of STS)

Need both project management & teambuilding skills, without travel?

This Online Project Simulation Workshop brings all the members of your team in working contact with one another virtually, without travel; they learn about each other during this highly sophisticated game–like program. All the activities are carried out via broadband Internet and are moderated live by a globally experienced project management trainer.

The workshop is based upon Experiential Learning using the, SimulTrain® project simulator, which provides an environment where the interactions are just as intense as in real life and which has been used and used by over 150,000 trainees.  It is standards-neutral and is suitable for use with all project management standards, including the PMBOK® Guide, Prince2® etc.

You take part in collaborative team assignments, which become progressively more difficult. After each assignment, the team identifies their own learning points, which emerge from a critique and analysis of individual actions and performance during the task.

At the beginning, the assignments are simple, becoming progressively more complex, graduating to a full project simulation as the workshop program progresses.

What will you get out of it?

Ursula_Deriu-2Quite honestly, I never thought that it was possible to find such a promising way to work with complete strangers in such a short time. I’m pleasantly surprised!”
Ursula Deriu, CEO Tirsus

Your team will develop cohesion, which translates into project effectiveness in the business world. They will be equipped to deliver successfully because the most common communications risks faced by global teams have been reduced significantly; your concerns diminish about differences in language, time–zones, culture, working environment or climate, for example, as these obstacles are addressed in online, virtual training sessions.

Adding Project Resources

This program has two main objectives:

  1. The first is to improve dramatically the integration and cohesion of your Virtual Project Team; this is particularly important where you have staff and colleagues who must work closely together on of your project, but who may never actually meet.
  2. The second is to enhance and develop the Project Management Execution skills of your team.

Who is it for?

Since the program is conducted on-line it can be used by teams which work across multiple locations, and spanning global time zones. Access is through broadband internet, a browser and VoIP (voice over internet). Participants should have at least some project experience. If some members of your team are less familiar with project work, you should consider including additional basic project management in the workshop design

The workshop program can be conducted in English, German or French. The simulator language is selected by each group of four participants; over twenty languages are offered. Contact Scatterwork now to discuss your requirements.

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Program Format

The program is conducted over 3 x 3 hour sessions; these sessions may be taken consecutively (recommended), or distributed over a period of weeks and are led by a highly experienced project management trainer.

It is essential that ALL the participants of your team participate, including the project manager.

The format is similar to a moderated live webinar, where each participant works from his/her working location.  All communication takes place via broadband Internet in real time.

Our application includes virtual Break-Out Groups, which allows small groups to work together and then combine their results with the others. It also avoids the “frontal teaching” effect of traditional webinars.

Irina Kashinskaya“It is always very useful, exiting and motivating! It’s a great challenge and really worth trying :).”

Irina Kashinskaya, PhD, Managing Director, STS Vostok

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