Customize your PM Training

Customized PM Training can pay for itself!

Active learning
Applied Learning

Scatterwork’s active and lively workshops are designed for project management professionals who can benefit from updating and aligning with current best practice. By relating the training to the participants’ current project work leads to immediate, significant and sometimes spectacular RoI.

Participant Comments

  • The instructor makes the interaction easy and gets people to participate.
  • Material always linked with real-life examples.
  • Deasún was a fabulous and enthusiastic teacher.

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Over the years Dr. Ó Conchúir has delivered a wide range of workshop topics (in English, French and German), which can be tailored for your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Project Management Managing & Leading Projects
Introduction to Project Management
Essentials of Project Management
Project Management Fundamentals
Project Management for non-Project Managers
Project Management for IT Professionals
Scheduling & Cost Control
Project Time Management
Management Skills Effective Negotiation
Achieving Excellence in Communications
Project Stakeholder Management
Strategies in Data Presentation
Vendor Management
Introduction to Shared Services
Advanced Project Management Managing Multiple Projects
Managing Troubled Projects
Advanced Program Management
Project Planning, Analysis, and Control
Project Risk Management
Advanced Project Risk Management

Choice of Delivery Modes

Picture by Teddy Markham at PMI® Geneva
Picture by Teddy Markham at PMI® Geneva

Over time, the methods have evolved but always with the same objectives: effective participant learning with minimum overhead and cost. The following methods are all current:

  • Traditional Live Training
  • Workshops
  • eLearning
  • Webinars
  • Internet Conferences
  • Blended Learning
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Lecturing etc.

Project managers can, for example, be trained as a group, combined with project management consultancy. The training may be carried out in one block of consecutive days or spread out over a period of weeks.

The knowledge transfer to the working environment can be dramatically improved by one-on-one consultations for specific PM managers who would benefit from specific and personalised support. This is available in English, German and French.

Alternatively, project management training and coaching is available on-line, providing the key methodology for project management success.

The Basics of Successful Project Management

It is essential that project managers and their superiors have a basic awareness of successful Project Management process.

You need to search no further. Dr. Ó Conchúir is the PM expert you need. Let him coach your team to success on a group basis or provide one-on-one project management consulting sessions with key PM managers. It is not possible to find a better solution for your PM training needs than calling in Dr. Ó Conchúir to head your training program.

He emphasises project management in the real world and shows his students, not tells them, how project management tools and techniques work and what is essential for success.

Contact Dr. Ó Conchúir today and your organization can have a solution to your project management training and consultancy needs tomorrow!