Scatterwork’s Website Makeover

Everybody appreciates saving time and effort!

This applies particularly in a consultancy business such as Scatterwork Consulting, as a lot of interaction is required between client and supplier to  identify and define assignments.  It is a cliché that this is made harder by heavy work and travel schedules, as well as time zone differences, not to mention cultural differences.

Even simple questions about details can take weeks to answer, simply because both client and consultant are extremely busy.

Because everything that reduces the effort and time to reach agreements is welcome, Scatterwork Consulting undertook a makeover of the website to make it easier to understand client needs and meet them.

Targeted Products simplify Client Discussions

Following an analysis of actual contracts, we have identified four basic products.  The description of each product has been totally revised, regarding both content and style.  This means that an enquirer can decide before contacting us, if our offering seems to be relevant.  This saves a lot of time compared with a less targeted approach, as the client can get directly to the heart of the matter and Scatterwork also benefits by having less enquiries for topics not related to our key competences.

The four products which you are invited to browse are:

Real time Appointment Setting

Everybody is familiar with telephone (or e-mail) tag, where messages go over and back, just to identify when would be a good meeting time to discuss the assignment.  Sometimes the availability has changed by the time the answer comes, sometimes it is ambiguous as, for example, when I got a message recently asking me to meet at the “usual time”, for an annual audit!

Sometimes the time zone is unclear or changing, for example when summer time/ daylight saving time starts, which is a few weeks different between the USA and EU.

The revised website addresses this by presenting a very simple form for each product, laying the groundwork for the client discussion.  As the enquirer clicks the send button, a new window opens, showing available slots for a telephone or Skype call.  The enquirer can see when is available and actually make the appointment, there and then.  The system then sends a clear e-mail confirmation, with the meeting time according to the enquirer’s time zone.

This clarity and simplicity saves much waiting time and avoids many phone calls and e-mails.  This results in more reliable and easier appointment setting. The enquirer can fix a time immediately, even if the consultant is not available because of working with clients, travelling, time zone differences, weekends etc.

But I want to call now!

Not all consultant work is carried out at client sites, so it may be possible to take a call without forward planning.  This is made easier by knowing what time of day it is in the Scatterwork office, and this is shown on the revised and improved Contact Scatterwork page, which offers three ways to contact us.

We hope this all makes life easier for our clients and releases effort for the work itself!

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