Why is project governance important?

Hello, I am Klas Skogmar from Sweden. I work as a methodology specialist and help organizations to improve the way they work with project, program and portfolio management.

I also hold seminars and teach courses in these areas and I’m here to talk a little bit about governance.

Project governance is something that restricts management; it limits how managers can manage things. Governance can be things like:
-roles are responsibilities,

but it can also be softer things like culture, as that also restricts how a manager can manage in an organization.

It’s very, very important to understand how projects are being governed in an organization and how we can use governance to govern the organization, because that is one of the most important ways you can influence management in the organization.

If you’re not going to influence the management in the organization with governance, you need to manage everything yourself. So if you want to write a policy, you can ensure that people behave in a certain way without directly managing everything in detail.

So that’s why governance is so important and that’s the basic description of what governance is.

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