Switzerland: Hit your Construction Project Target!

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Planning a new Project? Taking over an existing Project?

Are you a specialist in the construction and real estate sector who is faced with the task of developing a project plan? Or you are taking over a project which has not yet been successful?

We support you actively to the goal and accompany you by applying a unique, proven learning method which takes place on three consecutive days! You develop your own detailed, realistic solution for your own project, based on your own situation.


Our Partner: crb

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Scatterwork is proud to cooperate with CRB by providing training and consultancy in “Project Consultancy which empowers you”, in both German and French.

CRB is the competence center for standards in the Construction and Real Estate sectors in Switzerland since 1959. Together with professional and partner organizations, work equipment is developed and provided in the form of catalogs, web applications and data for software programs.

CRB ist das Kompetenzzentrum für Standards in der Bau- und Immobilienwirtschaft. Gemeinsam mit Berufsfachleuten und Partner-Organisationen werden Arbeitsmittel erarbeitet und in Form von Katalogen, Web-Applikationen und als Daten für Software-Programme bereitgestellt. 


CRB est le centre de compétences des standards pour la construction et l’immobilier. Nos outils de travail sont développés avec des professionnels du secteur et des organisations partenaires et prennent la forme de catalogues, d’applications web ou de données informatiques commercialisés par nos soins.
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Refine your project in 3 days


Punktlandung Projektplan
Verfeinern Sie Ihr Vorhaben in drei Tagen.



Parfaire votre projet en trois jours.

Also available in house

If you have several people involved in the same project, running this program in house increases the benefits. Please enquire.