Dublin GDPR Implementation Bootcamp

The Challenge of Implementing GDPR Conformance

Are you responsible for ensuring that your SME conforms to the requirements of GDPR? You know what needs to be done but how, who and when are challenging open issues.

During this workshop you will develop a detailed implementation plan and schedule of how and when the work will be done and by whom. 

The Bootcamp format leverages from Best Practice Project Management according to the international standard ISO 21500:2012 applied to the specific case of GDPR conformity. You benefit from the experience of the course consultant and the interaction with other participants who have similar objectives.

Important: This is an implementation workshop, not advice on GDPR itself.

Bootcamp Leader

Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir
Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir CEng FIEI

The Bootcamp Consultant Dr Deasún Ó Conchúir has decades of project management experience in nearly forty countries, which he applies to the benefit of your GDPR implementation project. He is a Project, (not GDPR) Consultant and brings Project Management skills to this important and challenging domain.

He was a member of the management team of the very first company in Ireland to achieve ISO 9000 accreditation, which (like GDPR) also depends on defining and implementing processes.

He is well known for his interactive style and for the business value of applying his experience.

Bootcamp Overview

The bootcamp is based on a well established pattern of following the first three main phases of a project management according to ISO 21500:2012:

  • initiating
  • planning
  • implementing
  • controlling
  • closing

with reference to the published guidelines for GDPR conformance:

  1. Becoming Aware
  2. Accountability Processes and Implementation records
  3. Communicating with staff and users
  4. Personal Privacy Rights Processes
  5. Access Requests Processes
  6. Customer Consent Processes
  7. Children’s Data Processes
  8. Data Breach Processes
  9. Data Protection Impact Assessments
  10. Nomination of DPOs

What are the benefits?

  • You establish and initiate your GDPR Implementation Plan at the Bootcamp.
  • You break through from an overwhelming list of information to a manageable structured delegation plan, according to the advice of the Data Protection Commissioner.
  • You establish/ check the process of documenting your GDPR procedures.
  • You start capturing the evidence of your processes, which would be needed in any interaction with the Data Protection Commissioner.
  • You maximise the chances of implementing your GDPR Complinace, with the minimum of effort, cost and risk.
  • You leverage from the experience and insights of the Bootcamp leader and other participants.
  • Bootcamps have a fun environment and prioritise “doing” over “learning” about project planning.
  • Much faster and more effective than traditional “learn, then apply afterwards” training.
  • Optional follow-up coaching is available, to support you during project implementation.

Participant Requirements

This is a business planning workshop for those responsible for GDPR, such as:

  • CEO’s of SMEs
  • Data Controllers
  • Data Protection Officers (DPO)
  • Data Processors.

It is assumed that participants:

  • Are aware of the importance of GDPR
  • Have a basic familiarity of GDPR and what needs to be implemented
  • Have the authority to act within their company.

Delivery Format Options

As well as this public event, the Bootcamp can be brought to your team, either on-site anywhere in Europe or as a series of virtual events. Review the options and their relative advantages here.

The delivery can be in English, German, French or Irish.

Optional Remote Support

Follow up telephone support is available as an option.  Please tick the application form accordingly.

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