Brexit Escape Room – Ireland

Transform your Brexit issues into an actionable plan

Whatever way #Brexit unfolds, your business will need to implement urgent and unavoidable process changes, over and above your normal business operations. Over 2/3 of Irish business see the future impact as negative (source: AIB).

If done on an ad hoc basis, this could stretch your resources to the limits, without being sure that everything is covered.

Even if it is not yet clear what needs to be done, it will still take you time to sift the information to find out what to do and to identify who should do it.

Is it for me?

BrexitEscapeRoom is for Senior Managers or Business Owners of SMEs in all commercial and industrial sectors, who have the authority to implement their #Brexit plan.

What is the Brexit Escape Room?

BrexitEscapeRoom is a hands-on, dynamic and collaborative bootcamp, to start organisational planning for #Brexit, even before it becomes clear what will need to be done. 



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