Project Bootcamps

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Deliver your mission critical assignment!

Bring your mission critical assignment and leave with a detailed, realistic Project Plan which you can use to engage with your stakeholders, including Management, Client and Project Team, resulting in:

  • Faster delivery
  • Avoidance of unnecessary costs
  • Less risk of not meeting the plan or quality standards
  • Less stress

… and you can also earn 21 PDUs.

When is a Project Bootcamp worthwhile?

The objective of Bootcamp is to implement business-critical projects (i.e. once-off initiatives, programs etc.) with the least time, cost and risk.  This includes a very wide range of possibilities, of which the following are only a sample:

  • Acquisition of large clients
  • Achieving GDPR Conformance
  • Planning for Brexit
  • Delivery of Customised Products or Services
  • Transfer of production from one location to another
  • Selecting & managing Procurement Suppliers
  • Developing Industrial or Commercial Processes
  • etc.
Project days saved by careful planning

Other business situations where a Bootcamp pays its way include:

  • Project or Program Kick-Off
  • Project Recovery
  • Risk Workshops

Who is this for?

Suitable for everyone responsible for implementing a business project effectively to realise the benefits as soon as possible and with minimum risks, for example:

  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • IT
  • Program & Project Management
  • Engineering
  • etc.


  • Interactive fun environment which prioritises “doing” over “learning” about project planning.
  • You leverage from the experience and insights of the Bootcamp leader and other participants.
  • Much faster and more effective than traditional “learn, then apply afterwards” training.
  • Optional follow-up coaching available, to support you during project implementation.
  • You consolidate your project plan quickly, leveraging from Best Practice Project Management according to the international standard ISO 21500:2012.
  • The chances of your project meeting its targets of scope, cost and time and realising the benefits are greatly improved.

1. Getting Started

•Introduce your project

•Story telling approach to engage all stakeholders

•Completing your Project Brief

2. Getting Involvement & Support

•Identify your Stakeholders

•Identify the Requirements of all your Stakeholders

•How to communicate with your Stakeholders to keep them satisfied

•Select and negotiate your Project Deliverables

3. How to Plan your Project

•Design the optimum Project Phases

•Identify and validate the Milestones with the Stakeholders

•Develop a Schedule Network

4. How to Implement your Project

•Project Leadership & Management skills

•How to motivate the project team in a Matrix organization

•Managing the Project Risks

5. How to Control your Project

•Establish your Tracking and Reporting methods

•Plan Communication with external customers

6. Closing your Project

•Why a project needs to be closed systematically and what should be done

•Learning the Lessons

•Identify your Learning and Action Points

Book at a Public Bootcamp now!

Event Title
Registration & Info
16 - 18 Oct 2019: Objectif planification de projet, Lausanne (français)
21 - 23 Oct 2019: Deep Dive Project Bootcamp, Singapore (English)
22 - 23 Oct 2019: Brexit Escape Room, Dublin (English)
22 - 24 Oct 2019: Deep Dive Project Bootcamp, Dublin (English)

Or contact us about other Delivery Formats

Review the options and their relative advantages

  • Public Bootcamp
  • Private Classroom
  • On-site
  • Global Virtual


Scatterwork partners with you to reduce your project costs, delivery time and risks.

The Scatterwork Difference

  • We empower your team to reduce project delivery times, costs and risks.
  • We apply our project experience from 40 countries to benefit your business.
  • Our agile organisation is virtual and supports clients anywhere.
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