Project Bootcamps

Deliver your mission critical project!

Bring your mission critical business assignment and leave with an optimized Plan, which you can use to achieve Delivery Time, Cost and Risk reductions.

Because “Time is money”, savings can be achieved due to improved time to market or accelerated production start. And you can also earn 21 PDUs (Professional Development Units).

Your clear plan will also support engagement with your stakeholders, including Management, Clients and Project Team.

When will a Project Bootcamp deliver benefits?

A Bootcamp reduces time, cost and risk for business-critical projects, such as once-off initiatives and programs. Here is a sample of some typical areas:

  • Disaster Recovery and mitigation
  • Rethink your business model
  • Reorganise the workforce
  • Revise office usage
  • Formalise remote working
  • Reestablish supply chain
  • Implement risk management
  • Emergency response planning
  • Product & Service Portfolio Transformation

  • Automating manual processes
  • Building new capabilities
  • Transforming employee talent & skills
  • Upgrade cyber security
  • Accelerate the Digital Transformation
  • Decarbonise your business
  • Leverage AI
  • Incresed virtualization
  • etc. etc.

Example Project Time Saving from a Project Bootcamp

What our Clients say about the Project Bootcamp

Optimize your Project

Implement Project Delivery Times, Costs & Risks improvements!

Five 4-hour virtual bootcamp events on consecutive days to implement valuable project improvements.

  • You analyse your own project, supported by an expert consultant
  • You identify improvement actions to optimize your project
  • You apply the improvements to your Project Plan to achieve reduction of Delivery Times, Costs & Risks.
  • You estimate the identified Revenue arising from the Improvements and Cost Reductions.
  • You get all the benefits of the webinar series “Audit your Project”

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Auch auf Deutsch erhältlich / also available in German!

Audit your Project

Interactive series to find out where to focus your improvement efforts

Five 75-min webinars on consecutive days to identify valuable project improvements, for you to implement.

  • You review B2B project basics systematically
  • You audit your own project, identifying areas where delivery times, costs & risks can be reduced.
  • Confidential break-out groups accessible among participants from the same organisation.
  • Individual 1 hour Project Consultation, within a month of event.
  • Coupon against Bootcamp fee, valid for 2 months.

Book now to identify your improvements!

Other Delivery Formats

Event Title
Registration & Info
12 Jan 2021: Virtuelle Arbeit erfolgreich beherrschen, virtuell (Deutsch)
13 - 15 Jan 2021: Punktlandung Projektplan, virtuell (Deutsch)
10 - 12 Feb 2021: Punktlandung Projektplan, virtuell (Deutsch)
10 - 12 Mar 2021: Punktlandung Projektplan, virtuell (Deutsch)

Unique Bootcamp Features

  • As a Participant, you prepare your thorough implementation plan during the bootcamp, for use immediately afterwards to reduce project delivery time, cost and risk.
  • Solution focussed, because only those who bring an active critical project which they must deliver may participate.
  • The bootcamp is NOT training, which tells you what you should do after the workshop. You do the work during the bootcamp.

Who is this for?

Suitable for professionals in all branches who are currently responsible for implementing a mission-critical project as soon as possible, with minimum costs and risks, for example in:

  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • IT
  • Program & Project Management
  • Engineering
  • etc.


  • Interactive fun environment which prioritises “doing” over “learning” about project planning.
  • You leverage from the experience and insights of the Bootcamp leader and other participants.
  • Much faster and more effective than traditional “learn, then apply afterwards” training.
  • Optional follow-up coaching available, to support you during project implementation.
  • You consolidate your project plan quickly, leveraging from Best Practice Project Management according to the international standard ISO 21500:2012.
  • The chances of your project meeting its targets of scope, cost and time and realising the benefits are greatly improved.

1. Getting Started

  • Introduce your project
  • Story telling approach to engage all stakeholders
  • Completing your Project Brief

2. Getting Involvement & Support

  • Identify your Stakeholders
  • Identify the Requirements of all your Stakeholders
  • How to communicate with your Stakeholders to keep them satisfied

3. How to Plan your Project

  • Design the optimum Project Phases
  • Identify and validate the Milestones with the Stakeholders
  • Develop a Schedule Network

4. How to Implement your Project

  • Project Leadership & Management skills
  • How to motivate the project team in a Matrix organization
  • Managing the Project Risks

5. How to Control your Project

  • Establish your Tracking and Reporting methods
  • Plan Communication with external customers

6. Closing your Project

  • How and why to close your project systematically
  • Learning the Lessons
  • Identify your Learning and Action Points