PESTLE Market study for Scatterwork

PESTLE Market Study for Scatterwork

Hello, this is Deasún Ó Conchúir from Scatterwork and we were interested in various target markets that we should be operating in. We have experience in quite a few and we wanted some more information about which would be the really good ones, so we approached the University of Strathclyde, Department of Management Science. One of the students there is going to talk to us now and has done a very useful study for us. So over to you:

Hello, my name is Linjing and today I will introduce my research, which is focused on four countries of interest to Scatterwork:

  • Singapore
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • United Arab Emirates.

The PESTLE model is used to analyse the political, economic, social and culture, technology, legal and environmental issues for these four countries. From this analysis I have come to the conclusion that Singapore has performed very well in the six areas so it is very suitable for business development.

The economic environment in Ireland and the United Arab Emirates is developing very, very rapidly but there is some political instability in both countries. In addition, the United Arab Emirates have certain investment barriers in social and culture, technology, legal and environmental areas.

In contrast, Ireland except for the instability of Brexit is very suited for the environment in investment and the development of business.

The economic growth of Belgium is relatively slow but it is a stable market and with a good geographic allocation. Belgium is not the best choice but still can be an investment target.

That’s very good indeed so that fulfilled our objective. We had informal experience from different countries and now we have something very specific to tell us what people are interested in so I’d like to thank you Linjing for your study there, which is very useful to us.

Thanks very much.

Thank you too, Dr Deasún.

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