“Master your Virtual Project” workshops upgraded

Greater stability with broader language choice


Until now, the “Master your Virtual Project” workshops have been based on the Global Team Simulator (GTS), an internet accessible version derived from the popular SimulTrain project simulator. While this offered some additional functionality, it also meant that the product revisions always followed the source product, resulting in release delays. Also improvements in SimulTrain were not always reflected in GTS.

To avoid these disadvantages, the “Master your Virtual Project” workshops have been redesigned to use the current version SimulTrain.  This means that:

  • The most up to date version of the project simulator is always used.
  • Business related assignments can be incorporated, both because they are needed and because their development also has the major side effect of teambuilding.
  • The limit of 16 participants has been removed.  You can now involve larger teams, who will work in groups of four.
  • The language choice of the simulator can be selected on-line during the workshops, out of a choice of over twenty languages.
  • The SimulTrain product is more stable than GTS, due to a higher volume of usage and a policy of continuous improvement.

Seasonal Offer

Enter the discount code “New Year 2015” (without the inverted commas) for bookings made up to New Year’s Eve get a 20% discount. If you book for a team of four, or more participants, the fee for one person will be credited as soon as the workshop has taken place, in addition to the New Year discount.

Hurry while the offer remains open.

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