It’s all in the Communication

I’m just preparing to go to a conference and that’s for communication; that’s to fill out in between all of the millions of emails and telephone conferences and so forth.

A chance to meet real people face-to-face.

It’s also a chance to hear presentations, sometimes good, sometimes not so good, and a conference always brings surprises as well. Maybe an insight to something or an opportunity to think something through that has been on the long finger for a long time.

Communication is also an issue among schoolchildren. A recent report in Switzerland looked to find out if the social networks are replacing personal communications and the answer is “no”.

People have communications with each other and then the social network is a way of keeping in touch with them.

But they don’t start from there, not for real communications.

And then the same thing applies in the political world. There have been very big movements globally in various elections and referenda in recent times and it seems that some of the comments that are coming out is that the way of communicating with particular groups in the population was maybe much, much more direct than the traditional elevated way that we tend to use in a working environment.

So all of that is very relevant to how that we work in the modern world and I’m looking forward to your comments and your experiences on that below this blog.

Thanks very much.

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