Get Serious, Start Gaming!

Become a successful Project Manager with a reality-like virtual project simulation

Not so long ago, learning almost exclusively took place in classrooms. You had to go to classes, which were held at a set place and time. Today, the classroom comes to you.

You can now decide where and when classes will be held. In he office or at home, you can now train to become a better project manager or project team member at your convenience  All it takes is a computer, a broad-band connection and to be linked into our challenging virtual project simulation:

Scatterwork’s Virtual Project Management Game.

The simulation requires teams of 3 or 4 people, who may be located anywhere in the world (like in real life). At predetermined dates they will have their virtual workshop meetings to play the game, to drive the virtual project forward. An experienced workshop leader will coach, guide and debrief the participants. Altogether, the workshop is an affair of four half-day sessions.

The participants will benefit in multiple ways. They will learn to work with people in other locations and deal with problems typical in virtual project work. Whether they are just a stone’s throw away or on separate continents, one of the major problems team members must overcome is in the area of communications. Our virtual project simulation will alert them to the pitfalls on the slippery road of virtual communication and help them develop effective communication skills.

This game has long been tested and improved in traditional classrooms with small teams grouped around a computer. The brand-new virtual version now takes it one step further by bringing it to you as an individual, thus making it even more realistic.

For details on cost, scheduling and technical requirements or for information on any other Scatterwork project management workshop, just email Scatterwork Marketing.

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