Do visas & permits hinder team meetings?

This video from Scatterwork is about the effects of visas and travel permits on team meetings. For example, project kick-off meetings.

In an international team we almost certainly have holders of different passports and this can affect both their access rights and how long it takes to get them for the location of the meeting. This can be further complicated if they also require transit through other countries on the way.

Then different countries have different ways of applying for visas:

Sometimes we just arrive and show our passport, other times we have to apply in advance. Sometimes it takes several days or even a couple of weeks, other times you can pay extra and make it go fast.
Sometimes you have to physically hand in your passport and then while that’s in progress, then you can’t travel and do other things.

So it gets really complicated. The alternative is to hold a properly structured virtual meeting and that is something that we at can help you with so we look forward to hearing from you if that’s interest to you, thank you.

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