Do they hear him?

One of the major concerns of a project manager is whether his people “hear” him, understand what he means and wants them to do. To a large extend, project management is also a matter of proper communications, using the right tools and methods. This is especially important for virtual teams where members may be spread over countries, even continents.It is in the project managers interest to have clearly formulated project goals and the assurance that these are also understood. A proven method to reach this objective is to involve the team in drafting the Project Charter, the Project Management Plan and the ensuing steps. To help you achieve maximum efficiency, Scatterwork is offering a project kick-off workshop which also familiarizes the participants with the techniques and methods of the PMBOK© Guide to launch team projects.

How to Launch Your Team Project More Effectively

… is a one- or two-day workshop, depending on the nature of your project. This workshop and other courses on project management were created and are run by Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir, a highly competent project management expert. He also wrote ““Overview to the PMBOK® Guide””  described as the book for everyone in need of a readable instruction to best practice management. Dr. Deasún Ó Conchúir is very much in demand as project troubleshooter, coach and trainer.

For details on this or any other project management courses/workshops Scatterwork offers, just mail Feel free to pass this message on to anyone you think might be interested in (or in need of) Project Management.

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