Decades of Global Experience

Hello, this is Deasún Ó Conchúir from Scatterwork to present another short video about the benefits of virtual training. We’re talking here about replicating the traditional training environment through the internet using web meetings and other training activities. This is much more interactive than traditional webinars, for example, which tend to be relatively passive and individual for the participant.

In previous videos we mentioned that by using virtual training, there’s a much wider and global choice of trainer, and by going in this direction you get a better chance for a match for your needs. Our particular strengths in Scatterwork include my own experience in project management in well over 30 countries and in a wide variety of industries over more than four decades.

So, of course, this experience benefits the participants. Very often there is an experience that I’ve had in one place or another that serves as an example and it makes the learning easier.

There you have it: one of the benefits of virtual training is the better selection of trainer and in particular, a trainer with significant global experience. Thanks very much.

In the modern world, the optimal solution may not be traditional face-to-face training that everybody likes and finds very effective, but virtual training. Please help us to rank our list of virtual training features: Can Virtual Training replace traditional events? (5 minute survey)

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