Relaunch of Scatterwork Newsletter

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Scatterwork’s contribution to reducing Information Overload

Somebody once said that life is easy: you “do again what works” and you “stop doing what does not work”. It is said that it was Einstein who defined insanity as:

“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Personally, I have enormous respect for Einstein, who developed his world-shattering theories sitting alone at home, after his day job as patent agent.  A visit to the Einstein Exhibition at the Historical Museum in Bern, the capital of Switzerland where he worked, is to be recommended.

Of course, getting inspiration for “what works” depends on easy access to ideas, opinions, events, contacts etc.

Like any business, Scatterwork has its strengths and resources, which make it easier for clients to “do again what works” when implementing projects.  The Website presents our services and the Newsletter shares events, opinions and thoughts so taken together, a link to the searchable archive should make it easier for anyone to identify what we do and decide if it is relevant for them.

This means that the regular issue of the newsletter is an important part of our contribution to “thought leadership” in Scatterwork’s area of expertise, Projects and reduction in Information Overload.

The Newsletter publication has been revamped

To relaunch the Newsletter, a survey of issues which have caused the newsletter not to be published regularly has been carried out and the issues addressed.  This post represents the Relaunch of the Scatterwork Newsletter, which:

  • Consolidates links to new posts (like this one) which have been issued since the last edition.
  • Mails them to our subscribers.  The mailing list itself has also been re-initiated to meet the demands of GDPR and some technical issues which were flagging our mails as spam have been resolved.
  • Places them in the archive, which can also be linked from the website footer.

The Scatterwork website has been restructured

The website should also make it easy to find out what Scatterwork does.  In the light of developments in communications (particularly the shift to mobile devices for browsing) and the development of our client base, the website has been restructured to:

  • to simplify access to information about our commonest services
  • to position the website for a future template update, to leverage from the new editor in WordPress.

Please help us to spread the word!

If you receive this post by email, you are already on our mailing list. To help your colleagues also to be aware of how Scatterwork might be relevant for them, please:

  • review who you know:
    • in another company
    • in the same region or country as you
    • who is involved in projects
  • forward this link Newsletter Sign-up Form to them.

And please do tell us what project topics you would like us to address, thank you.