Scatterwork saved six months for Homebid

Scatterwork: Hello John, what were you working on when you contacted Scatterwork? Could you tell us a bit more about the organization?

John: I’m founder of Homebid, which is an online bidding platform and I was participating in the New Frontiers. It’s a course in Ireland for entrepreneurs for startup, helping with startup ideas.

Scatterwork: Can you tell us a little bit about the prize that you won?

John: yeah, we were very lucky that we got “best business idea” award and there’s prizes given on the course and we got “best business ideas”, so we’re very proud of that

Scatterwork: What type of involvement did Scatterwork have and what were the benefits for you?

John: As entrepreneurs we had our product, we had our minimum viable product and then we were assigned a mentor from Scatterwork. What that did was prioritize, put everything in order and we had a start line and a finish line. Basically Scatterwork has identified all the obstacles in between and trained us to use various tactics to get us right through to the very end in a fashion which was fast and seamless.

Scatterwork: What would you apply from this experience going forward?

John: I have multiple other businesses as well and what I’ve done is everything that I’ve learned from Scatterwork we’ve put processes and procedures in place. Basically what it has done: in one month now I can do something that earlier could have taken me up to six months. So structures, practices procedures is what I really, really have got from Scatterwork and it’s just invaluable.

Scatterwork: So thank you for your time, John

John: Thank you.

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How to displace a competitor

Ó Conchúir: Hello Carmina. Thanks very much for joining us today. You had some experience of working with Scatterwork. Can you tell us what project you were working on at the time?

Casas: Yeah, hello Deasún. Yes it was a pleasure to work with you.

We had a project to recover and displace a competitor from a key customer of the Spanish market. This customer is the number two in the dermapharmaceutical market in Spain and we were working to introduce some new actives of personal care in that customer.

Ó Conchúir: O.K. And did you manage to do that during the workshop?

Casas: Yeah, during the workshop we were analyzing the inputs and all the problems due to this competitor and the worshop helped us to establish a methodology to analyze the stakeholders, the risk management, how to plan and et cetera to arrive to a good finalization of the project.

Ó Conchúir: And did you find any surprising risks or stakeholders when you did that analysis?

Casas: Yeah, that’s the good of that program because the analysis was really deep. We had also some exercises doing them with some colleagues and then we arrived at a good understanding of the customer, stakeholder and the risk we have.

Ó Conchúir: So that was all the planning and then since then you’ve been putting that into practice. Have you got the benefits from that?

Casas: Yes of course. Finally we were planning everything and we had several meetings at the top, 2 top management meetings. And finally this year we will have the final return of investment of this project.

It was very interesting and very good.

Ó Conchúir: That’s very nice of you to say that,  thank you very much Carmina. It’s good to talk to you, thank you.

Casas: You’re welcome!

The Speaker

Carmina Casas, Presidential Track #2, Praesidium Member of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC)

Scatterwork – Effective Project & Process Consultancy

As your partner of choice, Scatterwork is a catalyst enabling individuals and organisations to achieve excellence through creative project & process solutions in challenging environments.

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Business Turnaround Engagement in China

Ferguson: Hello Nitesh, thank you very much for joining us and talking about your experience with  Scatterwork.

I’d like to ask you if you’d like to share with us some of your experience with Scatterwork, when and where it was and the particular project you’re working on?

Mishra: Yes thanks Malcolm for inviting me for this discussion.

I would like to definitely share a very good experience with Scatterwork which we had in China, where we have this business problem and we wanted to turn around the business. So, people knew what is to be done, but it was difficult to start this whole exercise. So we had this discussion with Scatterwork and it was well executed plan.

So just to elaborate on that, it was a very structured and designed marathon exercise for three days. And at the end, we signed off project charter, schedule, network diagram and owners of each project were identified. So it was well executed planned with Scatterwork.

Ferguson: Yes, that’s fascinating! Could you share with us some of the benefits you had in working with Scatterwork and what you think would help you going forward to future projects?

Mishra: Yes, I think the methodology was very unique. Why I said unique, because it was a mix of practitioner mindset, because the facilitator and the trainer was coming from a very deep industry experience.

Not only that but also the academic background of, you know, teaching the concepts to the team and then translating those concepts into the specific projects. So at the end of the day we have really understood, the team was really having a good understanding of project charters, the deliverables, and you know, what communication management, what risk management is all about for those initiatives.

Not only that but ultimately at the end of the day, you know when the budget was set up and started we also had some inputs from Scatterwork on how to how are we doing on those initiatives. So that was really really useful to make sure that we are on track and not deviating from what we intend to do. So that was really unique.

Ferguson: So thank you for those insights. We appreciate that and thank you for your time today.

Mishra: Thank you very much

The Speakers

Guest: Nitesh Kumar Mishra PMP, CSCP, MBA Global Category Manager- Logistics and Services at Maersk, Singapore

Interviewer: Malcolm Ferguson, Independent Consultant for Scatterwork GmbH, Switzerland.

Scatterwork – the host organisation

As your partner of choice, Scatterwork is a catalyst enabling individuals and organisations to achieve excellence through creative project & process solutions in challenging environments.

To learn more about how we can help you to implement Project Solutions for your technical and business challenges, please call Dr Ó Conchúir on +41 79 692 4735 or email him at

James Bauly recommends Scatterwork’s insightful experience

Boltić: Hi James, I understand that at the time you met Scatterwork you were working on a demanding project of setting up a new business model in your organization.

So could you describe in more detail the specific approach of Scatterwork to help you deal with the challenges, such as setting up the team and managing interdependencies and resource planning?

Bauly: Sure, with pleasure, thank you. So when we started the training program with Scatterwork what we found was that we were coming at it really as a sales and marketing team with very limited experience at that time in project management.

So what we really needed was “project management training 101”, really, really for beginners.

For a lot of the people in the team, you know, this was really their first experience of structured project management.

What was really good was the way that the training team helped us just take those first baby steps and understand the basics around project management and what are some of the key success factors, all the way at the beginning starting with:

● how do you set up a project team, both in terms of talking to the people and bringing them into the team
● but also capturing in the PMP process how you document that and how you set that on paper.

Yeah, we did that with some live exercises and also some basic but quite fun theoretical discussions as well.

Boltić: That’s great. And what was specific, is there anything unique about the experience of working with Scatterwork that helped you understand the specific importance of project ownership and how to develop a focus in the mandated project team?

Bauly: Yeah, I think what was really appreciated actually again in the context that we were in, was having a trainer from Scatterwork who clearly has deep experience and a long history in Project training.

And I think some of the most valuable lessons were based on the trainer sharing of his own personal experiences over the years and putting those experiences forward as mini-case studies, to demonstrate what can go wrong if you don’t lock in the senior sponsorship in the mandates.

You know what are some of the things that can derail a project if you don’t do that properly

Yeah, as much as the as the actual simulated trainings in the workshop I think that the personal anecdotes and experience of the trainer we’re really insightful and I think that sums up the lasting memory that I have from the training.

Boltić: Thank you so much James for doing this with us, thank you.

Bauly: With pleasure, thank you!

Guest:James Bauly, Head of Personalized Nutrition at DSM Nutritional Products Ltd, Kaiseraugst, Switzerland

Interviewed by: Dr Zorana Boltić, Aim Professional, Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Consultant and Trainer on behalf of Scatterwork GmbH

Rob Winwood: Project Skills for use straight away

Boltić: What was the specific experience you had with Scatterwork and what was the project that time?

Winwood: Sure, no problem at all. I used to work with a company DSM Nutritional Products who were based in Kaiseraugst in Switzerland. And they decided that they had a need for specific project management training, which they certainly did, and decided to call on an expert to do that.

The problem was what they didn’t want was a just a manual and a boring list of to do’s. They wanted something that would actually apply to the situation that we were working at the time and then practical and could be used afterwards. And that’s why Scatterwork was chosen.

Boltić: So in specific, how how did Scatterwork meet those expectations and what were the specific benefits that you can draw out of this training?

Winwood: OK, we had a mixed group of I suppose around about 20 people who were involved in the training which took place over three days in total.

And the key thing was that you could take away something you could use straight away from that process, bearing in mind the people who attended the training hadn’t had any formal project management training at all.

I don’t think anybody had that particular career, so it was new to all of us but it was particularly important that we could then take what we’d learnt and use it straight away. And I guess what was key in the training itself was that we used real examples throughout.

It wasn’t example stuff; it was real things that happen in our day to day work.

Boltić: So are there any additional impressions that you would like to share about Scatterwork and working with them?

Winwood: Yeah, when we did the training to be absolutely honest with you I had absolutely no idea what to expect and I don’t think anybody else did. It always helps to have an empathetic trainer, somebody who is enthusiastic and friendly but firm when he needed to be and we certainly got that with Scatterwork and I think we all appreciated that.

And it was done in detail, it was done in a logical fashion so everybody could follow without knowing any of the background whatsoever. So unusually in that, that you can take something from ground zero and basically leave the training at the end of the time with something you can practically use straight away.

Boltić: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.

Winwood: You’re very welcome.

Guest: Dr Rob Winwood, Proprietor at Winwood Bioscience, Helions Bumpstead, Haverhill, UK

Interviewed by: Dr Zorana Boltić, Aim Professional, Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Consultant and Trainer on behalf of Scatterwork GmbH

Zoltan Lorantffy recommends Scatterwork

Boltić: Hello Zoltan. I am very happy that we’re doing this interview and I would like to ask you if you would like to share some of your experience which you had previously with Scatterwork – mainly when was it, where was it and what was the particular project that you were working on at the time?

Lorantffy: Sure, so this would have been in Budapest Hungary back in 2007-2008 and the assignment was centered around training and solutions and so Deasún was also a facilitator and at the time I was the general manager at IIL for Budapest Hungary and he came in and was training our clients on
project management using Scatterwork.

Boltić: And talking about the approach, is there something specific that you would like to share as beneficial considering the way it was delivered by Scatterwork?

Lorantffy: Yeah, we found that based on all of our client feedback, and there were certain things that we had there, the entire experience from beginning to end was very well ranked and that included the contents, it included delivery, it included the facilitator of course, Deasún was very integral in leading us from beginning to end.

The process, the logic behind it and of course you know how applicable are those learnings in the business world and so we found that the entire experience from beginning to end was ranked very high.

Boltić: Thank you so much for this, it is great.

Lorantffy: My pleasure, thank you.

Guest: Zoltan Lorantffy, Chief Marketing Officer, TalentWorldGroup Plc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Interviewed by: Dr Zorana Boltić, Aim Professional, Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Consultant and Trainer on behalf of Scatterwork GmbH

Scatterwork at the Project Society Conference, Belgrade

Boltić: Hi Milan, thank you so much for doing this interview with us.

First of all I would like to ask you if you could describe what was your experience with Scatterwork in the first place?

Šmigić: Thank you, Zorana, for inviting me. It was 2014 here in Belgrade
where we organized the first Project Society Conference and with
participating speakers from different European countries including Scatterwork.

We had an opportunity to further promote the project management profession and also the PMI, the main organization that we all belong to.
Also the interesting topic for our participants was a panel discussion
where Scatterwork was one of the major presenters: how to apply project management in government sector where we actually had our discussions and received a strong feedback by the participating members of our organization.

Boltić: So could you share some impressions about that panel discussion and how Scatterwork contributed to the society?

Šmigić: As it was our first international conference we had a strong positive feedback for more than 140 participants and we actually received additional members and we received very strong background from the Scatterwork experienced professionals, showing us

  • how to work in remote teams,
  • how to participate in government projects
  • how to relate to companies, both in public and global sector as project management and portfolio management professionals.

Boltić: So at the end, are there any takeaways that you would like to share from that particular panel?

Šmigić: Our idea was to invite Scatterwork to help us further promote our profession and we actually achieved our new members and we increased the number of participants within our conferences by sharing the knowledge and experience provided by Scatterwork.

Boltić: Thank you so much Milan for sharing this with us.

Guest: Milan Šmigić, CEO CPM Belgrade and Visiting Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Interviewed by: Dr Zorana Boltić, Aim Professional, Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Consultant and Trainer on behalf of Scatterwork GmbH