Transform your Brexit issues into an actionable plan

At the time of recording, about a month before the Brexit date, nobody seems to know whether or not it will actually happen on the plan date or be slipped by a little or a lot. Even if it does take place ontime, what needs to happen is very unclear.

In any project if we have enough time and money and people to do the work it’s easy enough but in particular we need to know what needs to be done and what the limitations are. In this case it seems that what needs to be done is very, very unclear.

As I make this recording, I’m actually on a border between Germany where the grass is and Switzerland where the buildings and footpath are. The rules are the same on both sides so it’s easy – there’s no border. But if for example you divide, as Brexit does, into two zones, then
obviously all sorts of new regulations come into force which have to be put in place.

A lot of companies would say “Well, I don’t know where to start and I don’t have enough time and anyway I don’t know what I need to do” so although there is plenty of advice about things that you could look at, the priorities are not clear.

In these workshops what we do is say “Let’s start now putting together a plan so that we know as far as possible what are our objectives, our limitations, who’s going to make the decisions. Is it going to be done by somebody internal or external? And so on…”

A lot of that preliminary work can take place before the actual objectives have have stabilized so by doing these workshops you give yourself a bit of extra lead time and lower the pressure and improve the chances of surviving the turbulence, with maybe a little bit less pressure than otherwise.

So there you have it: these two-day workshops to do the planning for implementing business in the context of Brexit are not workshops to tell you what to do for Brexit – there is plenty of advice for that from government, Chambers of Commerce, trade associations and so on – What we do is actually come out of those events with a plan.

If we’re lucky we’ll be ahead of the wave and we can wait until the information comes, but it’s more likely that you’ll be glad that you started early. I look forward to meeting you there.

Actionable Brexit Plan for SMEs

Brexit Escape Room
Time to plan for Brexit?

Is it too soon to plan for #Brexit?

Whatever way #Brexit unfolds, Ireland is one of the countries most affected, possibly even more so than Britain itself. Because of this, Irish businesses, both north and south, need to implement urgent and unavoidable process changes, over and above their normal business operations. This is likely to lead to overload or emergency, unless the necessary resources are applied AND the planning starts soon enough, even before it becomes clear what specifically needs to be done.

This is different from traditional projects, where the objectives are usually visible by the time the planning begins. In the case of #Brexit, where the implementation date was slipped twice and it may even not take place, the time for this pre-planning is “as soon as possible”.

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This situation corresponds to Scatterwork’s core expertise area of Project Implementation, based on which the BrexitEscapeRoom has been developed. This is a hands-on, dynamic and collaborative workshop for SMEs, combining both training and consultancy.

Participants come with (some idea of) WHAT needs to be done, based on their knowledge of their business, advice from government and EU agencies, trade associations, banks, professional advisors etc.

They take away a thorough #Brexit implementation plan, which they can use to delegate the work and get critical support from customers, suppliers and staff.

Grant Aid

Usually the benefits for Scatterwork’s clients are far in excess of the costs (all business is like this) but because the impact of #Brexit is likely to be so great, government grants which can be applied to reduce the cost even further are being offered:

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When are Brexit Escape Room workshops available?

Monthly through the summer, with additional capacity for September: