Captain or Sailor?

Never mind the rank, they make a team, like project management groups. Anyone involved in managing a project assumes a function, be this as Project Manager or team member. And functions carry responsibilities, primarily to steer a project to a goal through a sea of imponderables.Like any captain or pilot who acquires and hones his skills in simulation and practical work, project management people can now develop their skills with computer-based simulation. With “Improve Your Skills With a Challenging Project Management Game” we offer you a live interactive team simulation program, which helps team members acquire management competences, leadership and team working skills.

In small teams, the participants ponder and act on simulated project management scenarios, which challenge them to complete the project within given time and budget limitations. Learning never turns into a boring experience as team members don’t work alone, a project manager can invite team members to participate over the internet, regardless where these members are located.

According to previous participants. the program has a very realistic feel. indeed, it is the works of a highly qualified project management experts group and is also led and debriefed by an expert. Altogether, it consists of 4 half-day events.

Setting up a call to our head trainer before the end of May will not oblige you to anything, but make you a lot more knowledgeable about project management skills. Or else, contact Scatterwork Marketing.

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