Can you really afford on-site Project Team Training?

Can you really afford on-site project team training?

On-site training has great advantages. The face-to-face interaction is natural and it is great fun and effective.

Online training also has advantages.

It is immediate – it can be set up with very little lead time. It involves no travel costs and the logistics are simpler, for example you don’t need to organize rooms or lunches or travel visas. And it’s effective.

So when you look at both of them, why do we need one or the other? Very often the assumption is that the face-to-face interaction is the only way to do it, but today people are very used to operating through the social media and they have a completely different and more relaxed way of interacting with people who are further away.

The result of this is that online training is also effective, so it’s up to you to decide.

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