Feature Personal
Business Requirement
  • Implementation of one important business project, where the sponsor’s availability is limited.
Key Advantages
  • Allows project to accelerate without major time demand from sponsor.
  • Combination of on-site and remote conferences, according to availability of the sponsor.
Delivery Format
  • Intervention phases defined during planning.
  • Determined by the needs of the project.
  • Project sponsor and project manager.
  • Guaranteed, as the interactions are private.
  • Documentation in English
  • Spoken language as appropriate to the circumstances.
Client Responsibilities
  • Provision of suitable meeting room for face to face meetings.
  • Provision/ facilitation of web conferences.
  • Ensure that participants have adequate access to project information.
  • Booking and payment of consultant travel and expenses.
Business Terms & Conditions
Options (not in basic price)
  • Consultant support after the bootcamp
    • by telephone
    • on-site
  • Implementation of selected project assignments by consultant